Is it Necessary to Give a Quick Response Right After a Truck Accident?

“You can never control injuries. Accidents happen, that’s just how things go” quoted, Johnny Gargano. Yet when accidents happen owed by severe injuries and damages, it is our responsibility to respond immediately to sort out matters because it was due to someone’s sheer negligence that made you the victim.

Most truck accidents end up with unamendable injuries when a vehicle crashes with an eighteen-wheeler truck. Hurting oneself in such a disparaging collision may be life-threatening, and one might end up suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for the rest of his life. Apart from settling down the hospital bills, certain other things should not skip your mind while dealing with a truck accident case.


Post a truck accident, the victim has to prove that the mistake was from the truck driver’s end or due to the negligence of the trucking company to claim the compensation. Also, it is mandatory to get in touch with a truck accident lawyer who will guide through the process of requesting reimbursement.

Below mentioned steps are essential things to do right after meeting with an accident:

  • Report the incident to the police station since the police report acts as the preliminary document for an accident. As per law, a police report is an obligatory post an accident involving casualties. This report plays a vital role as the police do the initial groundwork relating to the truck accident, such as calling the medical assistance, inspecting the accident situation, and recording the statements of driver and witnesses with time and place details.
  • Witnesses play a very crucial role since their statements help to gauge the reason for the crash. It is considered to be a shred of vital evidence in a court hearing and will be reviewed by a truck accident attorney. Along with witnesses, video surveillance also provides additional support that can second the statement of the witnesses.
  • An accident reconstruction team works with numerous scientific devices and data to simulate the entire scenario that has happened during, before, and after the crash. They also review the police reports, both witness and driver statements, the location of the accident, and the involved vehicles to derive the reason for the crash.
  • Due to the increase in the truck accident rate with every passing day, the law has restricted the driving time for the truck drivers without breaks and rest periods. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has demanded the truck drivers to register their data electronically by using electronic logging systems (ELDs). This data is easy to fetch by a truck accident attorney upon request and helps them to understand if the driver was fatigued while the crash happened.
  • At times mechanical issues also lead to such life-threatening accidents. A truck accident lawyer will also reach out to the trucking company to validate their repairs and maintenance report of the vehicles. The truck is required to undergo inspections at regular intervals to guarantee its safety to be driven on the roads.

Immediate Action Post a Truck Accident

The first and foremost thing to follow after meeting a truck accident is to seek medical help and not defer it by thinking of visiting a physician later. This can be fatal for your health, and it will be difficult to prove the injuries caused by the crash. The priority should be on a fast recovery, and that can become easier when a truck accident lawyer is beside you to take care of the legal formalities and bring justice to you along with proper compensation. You need to keep all the medical records and bills at hand to submit as evidence if required.

It is advisable to discuss with your attorney before documenting your statement with the insurance company regarding the occurrence of the accident. The insurance instructor may try to manipulate the situation and blame you as the reason for the accident. This, in turn, will favor the truck driver or the trucking company to pay less than you deserve for the lost wages and medical bills.

It is always recommended to respond right after the truck accident and approach a truck accident attorney to receive the deserved compensation for your loss. Never let yourself be trapped by an insurance company to wrap up the case with a quick settlement.