Is bed rest during pregnancy a viable option?

You need to educate yourself about bed rest and pelvic rest during the tenure of pregnancy. Be aware of the side effects and the best you can avail from it. The moment you are pregnant a prescription for pain medicine in pregnancy is a positive sign. A lot of restrictions in movement are witnessed posing certain health risks. Let us get to the basic details.

The reasons for bed rest and why it is recommended

No longer for any condition bed rest is recommended during pregnancy. With bed rest the flow of blood to the placenta increases no evidence points to the fact it can lead to increase of preterm birth.

In a rare situation where bed rest is suggested varying levels of activity restriction come into picture. For a certain point of time it could even be decreasing your activity level. You can move around the house till the time you lift heavy luggage or even kids of the home. The need may arise you to continue working.

Sometimes the guidelines of bed rest can be a lot stricter. You could be asked to stay in a sitting position so as to get used to a toilet or shower. Stay away from lifting the baby and even lift kids till the point you are over with pregnancy.

Be aware of the ground rules?

If your health care provider suggests restricts on movement during pregnancy, do ask them a set of questions to understand about the rules

  • Timing- What are the reasons why rest is called for? Once the symptoms remove, will restrictions be lifted
  • Position- Do you consider it Ok to sit up? Would I be in a position to climb up the stairs? If I need to lie down do I need to follow a certain position? What can be done at this point of time in order to prevent blood clots?
  • Activity- Would it be ok to have dinner at the table? Is driving possible? Would it be ok to undertake some gentle form of exercise and even stretching.

How to cope with movement restrictions?

  • To be organized- Make it a point that everything is organized and within reach
  • Stay limber- if the health care provider goes on to approve, you can opt for some gentle limber exercises
  • Overcome emotional challenges- In order to overcome emotional challenges you can connect with other mothers. If sex is not allowed then you need to look at other ways in order to maintain decency.
  • Seek help- with your friends and relatives you can ask them to note down a list of tasks that would help you.
  • Cut off the boredom – to avoid the boredom you can write emails or letters. Time permitting you can formulate a scrap book of your own. Flip through the best shopping list of books. You can even resort to the online shopping of goods. All this goes a long way in helping you coping up with delivery

Just take into consideration that full bed rest during pregnancy is recommended only in rare circumstances.