Introduction to the Healing Rays

What are the Healing Rays?

The rays may be defined as vibrational frequencies of Divine Unfolding Light emanating from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. They carry with them particular traits, colorations, and sonic vibrations which might be included with our numerous power our bodies, and permit us to take heed to ourselves as magical Beings of Light.

They similarly help us in the activation of the dormant DNA, and the awakening to our multi-dimensional memories. As such, the affect of the rays can take us into a deeper know-how of our Light work, in addition to giving perception into particular behavioral patterns we can also nevertheless be integrating. The rays further paintings from a restoration angle, and their vibrational houses Overlighted by way of the suitable Chohan, can help inside the rejuvenation and/or regeneration of the physical/etheric frame.

Planetary Rays 1-7

The Seven Rays have seemed in religions and esoteric practices for the reason that at least the sixth Century BC. Helena Blavatsky added the rays to Western Society, and considered one of her college students, Alice Bailey introduced a lot facts through on the first seven rays, via her channelings with Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul. Though critiques differ barely as to how the rays influence us, all government appear to basically agree that those first seven rays, known as Planetary Rays, bring qualities essential for recovery and boom, in practise for ascension.

“Sounds and shades are all non secular numerals; because the seven prismatic rays continue from one spot in heaven, so the seven powers of nature, every of them quite a number, are the seven radiations of the Unity, the principal, spiritual SUN.”

(H P Blavatsky – “Isis Unveiled”)

Rays eight-12

Since August 7, 1972, five additional rays have been to be had to Humanity. The 5 better earthly rays, rays eight to 12, deliver a higher vibration of Source Light. They do not have the level of dualities that exist inside the first seven rays, and are having an first rate have an effect on on the anchoring and activating of our own high-quality Higher Light and inside the actualization of our actual nature as Master Beings of Love and Light.

These twelve excellent rays spiral forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, Overlighted via the Twelve Directors at a Multi-Universal degree, and circulate thru every preceding size until they input our Solar System, subsequently streaming in through sacred vortices in and around the Earth.

Cosmic Rays thirteen-18

During the first Harmonic Convergence, among August 15-17, 1987, and the unheard of Light activities skilled right now, six Cosmic rays were partly anchored onto the Earh thru the Overlighting of the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis. At this time, a Galactic portal thru this quadrant of the Galaxy was reopened, which allowed the six Cosmic rays to come back pouring forth onto the Earth aircraft. The six Cosmic rays, which have been withdrawn simply prior to the Fall of Atlantis, are Service rays: and had been not absolutely anchored onto the Earth until April 23, 1994.  East Beach Urgent Care x-ray