Interesting Facts about Cherished Number Plates Prove why they are Desirable

In life, we cherish a lot of things. But have you ever heard about cherished number plates? There is a possibility that you have heard about these valuables from a car enthusiast. You may have even seen a cherished number plate but did not know it was one. So, exactly what is a cherished number plate? A cherished number plate is a dateless number plate that existed before 1963. These number plates do not have an identifier and therefore are very rare. These plates are very different from the traditional plates that we use today. The number plates are very useful in showing special dates, meaningful initials, or hobbies. Cherished number plates are preferred by people who want a style statement on their car number plate. Usually, car enthusiasts have a keen interest in car number plates and prefer cherished number plates.


The idea of cherished number plates may be alien to you. To make you familiar with the idea of cherished number plates, we discuss some interesting facts about cherished number plates in the following section. Here is the list of some important facts on this topic-


  • We have more than 45 million cherished number plates– If you want an idea of how popular cherished number plates are, just refer to the number of cherished number plates in the world. Currently, there are more than 45 million cherished number plates in the world. Most of the cherished number plates hang on the boot of cars. However, many people buy these plates out of habit and hobby. Such plates never see the light of the day and remain stored. While there are already a lot of cherished number plates in possession, people also continue to buy such plates. In fact, the sale of such plates is only going up year by year.
  • The number 1 plate is the most expensive one- If you have ever thought that number plates do not have any value, rethink your opinion. Numbers have a lot of impact on human life and the psyche. For example, number 1 is one of the most desirable number plates in the world. The value of the number 1 plate is the highest among all cherished number plates. This is because people link number 1 with success and unique traits. A number 1 plate is very eye-catching and stylish. Number 1 plate is, therefore, the most expensive among other plates.
  • The cherished number plates are not limited to posh, expensive classes- While there is a belief that cherished number plates are reserved for posh, expensive cars, the truth is the opposite. Cherished number plates depend on the owners’ interest in them. Even mainstream cars like VW and Ford also have cherished number plates. If an owner wants to get a cherished number plate for his car, he can buy it. Even though it costs more, the plate brings recognition and satisfaction for the owner.
  • The market is valued at over 2 billion- The market for cherished number plates is more valuable than you would think of. The market has already crossed the 2 billion mark and is continuing to grow beyond its present size. This shows people’s interest in the number plates and their decision to buy them. People want to buy these rare number plates all the more. The fascination with these number plates is only on the rise, and people prefer buying them over traditional plates. No wonder the global cherished number plate business is a multibillion-dollar industry. Even though people do not buy plates to put on their cars, they keep them like a physical asset that can reap benefits later.
  • VIP 1 is a rare and one of a kind cherished number plate- just like the number 1 plate, the VIP 1 plate is also a highly coveted number plate. Along with the number 1, it has the letters VIP. This particular plate speaks of luxury and an authoritative statement. In fact, the VIP 1 plate was first made for Pope Jean-Paul II. Originally made in Ireland, the current pope now uses it. However, it remains to be expensive and rare. Currently, it is in possession of Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich, who bought it at a price of 285,000 pounds.

These interesting facts must have piqued your interest in cherished number plates and their value. You can do your own research on this topic to know further. If you are an automobile enthusiast, the thought of owning a cherished number plate may have struck you. You just have to find a cherished number plate that holds the most meaning for you.

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