7 Instagram Marketing Tools For Your Brand Visibility

Today I come to give you some very useful tools for more complete use of Instagram. These will allow you to have a deeper knowledge of your audience, boost your posts and allow you to increase your notoriety. In this article, you know about Instagram marketing tools to increase your brand visibility.

7 Best Instagram Marketing Tools

1. Instagram business tool: manage your campaign

Apart from all the small tools that I will offer you throughout the article, there is the one that Instagram itself offers to help you manage your business better.

This tool has 3 main parts:

  • Account Insight: this part offers the analysis of the scope, the number of impressions and the commitment towards your fans as well as their progression over time. A good way to see the reputation of your brand and your products over the days.
  • Ad insights: this allows the analysis of the performance of your advertising campaigns (scope, frequency, number of impressions etc.) What is nice is that here Instagram offers an individualized analysis, therefore, by campaign taking into account the target you have defined beforehand
  • Ad Staging: this third part allows you to use your entire team to preview, save and brainstorm on the next campaign you want to launch on Instagram.

This tool allows you to have access in a few clicks to all aspects of your campaign in real-time. It will help your business to know which audience is the most affected by your advertising for example or what is the most appropriate time to post a photo.

2. Over: customize your photos

This tool is paid, you can customize your photos by adding text. Most of this tool is the different fonts he offers you to put dynamism to your posts.

This will allow you to catch the eye more easily and captivate more of your subscribers.

3. Taggbox Widget: Embed your Instagram Feed on your website/blog

This tool allows you to embed Instagram feed to your website or blog. To do so, it’s very simple, just go to the Taggbox website and follow the instructions below:

Login to Taggbox Widget account and click on create wall. Select Instagram as a feed source and provide the required details. Then you click on “Display Button” and select embed on website option. and the site gives you a code to embed Instagram Feed into your website or blog, you can put it where you want your photo gallery to appear

4. Tagboard: reference your hashtags

This tool will allow you to have access to all hashtags referenced on social networks. All you need to do is search for the posts containing the hashtag you searched for before your eyes.

For example, you can see what people think about your products, or your events if they have a dedicated hashtag.

However, to be able to like and comment, you will have to connect with your Instagram account (or Facebook, twitter etc.) and at this moment you will have access to these options.

This is again a tool that saves you time by gathering all the data on a single interface.

5. Repost: publish the photos you liked

The little snag of Instagram is that it does not directly repost photos or videos that you like or that talk about your products, your services, your vents.

To remedy this, I advise you to download a very simple application: “repost for Instagram”

After the download, register with your Instagram account and you will have access to your publications, those you liked and popular publications. From this page, click or search the photo you want to repost.

By clicking on it, it appears in a large screen, it appears at the bottom of the post the button “repost”. Click on it and you’re done!

6. Picdeck: manage your favorite hashtags and accounts on one screen

On the principle of Tweetdeck, Picdeck focuses on the Instagram social network. It allows you to see in real-time the news of your account based on your interests, your favourite hashtags, your favourite accounts.

For this to work, simply add individual columns on your screen with the hashtag or user you want to follow

7. Like2buy: buy your products on Instagram

Curalate, a company specializing in the visual web now allows you to integrate a link in the description of your account Instagram. This link redirects potential customers to photos of your products. Then, they will only have to click on the product of their choice and will be brought on the purchase page.

Here, I gave you some tools to better use Instagram. It’s up to you to increase your notoriety on this social network and to bring a max of subscribers on your account!

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