What Assures Proper Payments in your Infusion Billing?

One of the biggest worries for any provider at present is to comply with the adjudication priorities. There has been multiple crackdowns on healthcare fraud all around the country that includes notable DME companies, genomics lab, telemedicine service providers as well.

The single payment amounts for off the shelf knee and back braces under the Round 2021 competitive bidding will be almost 30% to 35% on average, below Medicare’s current fee schedule according to the preliminary analysis by the American Orthotics & Prosthetics Association.

There also has been an announcement that the standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees will be $ 148.50 in 2021 which is an increase of $3.90 from 2020, according to CMS. As a service provider of infusion services which is under the ambit of DMEPOS and HME, you must have set the right precedence that can elevate your billing efforts for better payments.

Sunknowledge is unique in its dedicated support

The advantage of working with Sunknowledge comes from the fact that we have been delivering comprehensive support to some of the largest names in the DMEPOS space as well as in the infusion segment. Our ability to work as your reliable operational arm has been appreciated by billion-dollar clients.

We take pride in the fact that currently, we are serving three of the top ten largest DME companies in the country. We can deliver task-specific support in infusion billing, extend superior solutions in eligibility checks, prior authorization, order entry and confirmation, doctor’s office follow up, claims submission, denial management, and accounts receivable collections.

We have reduced operational costs by 80% with our niche presence and ability to work as a reliable operational extension. If you are looking to know more about how we offer streamlined assistance, reach out to us to know how we work, speak to our references, and learn how we drive cash flow with powerful infusion billing support at just $7 or 2% of collections. Our versatility, expertise across all practice management systems make us a champion RCM destination.

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