Informatica Training: Evolution of Informatica, AWS and re:Invent

Amazon Web Services held the first re:Invent seven-year ago, when the first big data products were being released for hierarchical data processing at high scale. Since then, Informatica, AWS and in fact the whole IT industry have experienced intense changes. You can join Informatica Training to get join the detailed discussion about these companies and their IT solutions offerings.

Informatica’s Data Engineering Evolution

In 2011, Informatica released two big data products dealing with key problems associated with handling data with enhanced scalability. Now in 2019, Informatica provides industry-leading end-to-end data engineering competence that helps generate transformative insights. Informatica’s comprehensive data management solutions include the following capabilities:

  • Discovery
  • Ingestion
  • Integration
  • Streaming
  • Quality
  • Data preparation

Informatica offers original products with this full set of capabilities that are essential in confronting your data challenges. So, whether you are adopting modernization in your business from the data warehouse to Amazon Redshift, creating a cloud data lake on Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) or managing a complicated on-premises and multi-cloud environment, a specific data engineering solution is required to handle overall data flow.

In 2011, Data processing was based on on-premises MapReduce and the processing was done by ripping the petabytes of data into smaller portions and then processing them on Hadoop commodity servers individually. Informatica empowered Spark and Structural Spark in the year 2015 and now delivers multi-cloud server-less processing in 2019.

After understanding the fact that Big Data has the same capabilities as on-premises Hadoop, Informatica has moved its concentration on data management in the cloud with the broadest data engineering solutions.

Interference of AWS with Data Management

MapR was the only company that stood competitive at the time of first re:Invent. Today the use of on-premises Hadoop clusters is rapidly vanishing.

AWS had released its cloud-native Hadoop product Amazon EMR seven years ago. And now Amazon EMR is ruling the Hadoop-as-a-Service market and Hadoop in the Cloud is the leading model.

Partnership of AWS and Informatica Partnership

Informatica and AWS have experienced innovation together and anticipate many more years of business together. Various Informatica-AWS customers share their experience of using solutions from AWS and Informatica for transformative business results. Informatica World presentations by Avis Budget Group and Community Technology Alliance revealed that companies like T. Rowe Price, Freddie Mac and Sage present leverage these solutions to confront data challenges.

Every customer has a single challenge in common that is a modernization of the analytics environment, which is the core focus of the AWS-Informatica partnership, and these solutions can bring the most value to these challenges. So whether you’re looking for modernization, commence a departmental supple analytics plan, migrate to the cloud, or replace your data center, you will get a perfect solution for all problems.

It will be exciting to see the future evolution of their partnership and upcoming integrated solutions that will resolve all data challenges seamlessly. Informatica has emerged as one of the leading companies that focused on providing original products to meet the needs of the data users.

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