In House vs. Outsourcing Urgent Care Billing

One of the most often asked questions in the medical industry is whether to outsource urgent care billing. Some healthcare providers try to manage their own invoicing, as they wanted to have control over their own financial destiny.

The current expectations on Urgent care billing

Todat, the consumers value qualified stuff like:

  • Personnel who are professionals
  • High level of care
  • The flow of ideas with other health and wellness experts

These new requirements have prompted a surge in the number of urgent care administrators looking for other solutions. Numerous urgent care clinics across the country invested in systems but somehoe theose systems failed to deliver on their promises. This inefficiency results in higher wait times for patients and an inability to offer the care that they currently require.

However, it is ironic that many urgent care firms have entirely lost control of their revenue because they insist on in-house urgent care billing for their healthcare facility.

Few healthcare centers can find or afford billers who are specialists in these special features of urgent care billing:


Find an expert for your urgent care center who is well-versed in negotiating with the payor and is aware of the various contract conditions that are available. It truly aids in obtaining the greatest feasible rates and collections in a considerably shorter period of time.


If a certain payor demands individual credentialing of providers, you will need to hire an expert to do this paperwork. The procedure can take nearly six months but even a minor error can cause your provider to be out of network for several months.


Several urgent care facilities lose 10-20% of their revenue because they are unaware of the essential need of coding correctly.

Submission of a claim

It’s actually astounding how many calls we get from billers with such basic questions. An expert in urgent care billing is already aware of the solutions.

Formatting a claim:

Believe it or not, a single inaccurate digit, code, or field in a claim will result in the claim failing. You need a biller who appreciates how to minimize these denials, and when they do occur. A biller should be able to change the formatting and submit the claim on time.


It is extremely difficult to deal with aspects of a claim that become patient responsibility. If there is a method for you to require and automate credit card billing even months after the patient’s visit then you can enhance collections on these accounts by 60-90%. If you don’t, your collections from these patients will be less than half of what they should be.

Urgent Care Billing Outsourcing

You might want to think about outsourcing your urgent care billing for some of the reasons listed below:


Urgent care CEOs must concentrate on the numerous issues that cannot be outsourced. A professional urgent care billing business allows these executives to concentrate on

  • Marketing
  • Quality
  • Training
  • Performance
  • Human resources

And all of the other aspects of running a successful urgent care facility.


Rarely will an urgent care center discover a single urgent care billing consultant that is well-versed in the features of urgent care billing.


When a biller at a major urgent care billing company departs, someone else takes over and maintains your accounts receivable. When your sole biller steps aside, you may fall several months behind in collections. This can lead to financial troubles or perhaps the center’s demise.


A generalist biller may have some broad contracting experience with payors. However, it is uncommon for a generalist biller to have substantial experience in contract negotiations for urgent care centers.

Even many urgent care billing organizations will be unable to find somebody with experience in urgent care contracts. Even less probable is that they have recent urgent care contracting experience. This is the only relevant experience, because most payors are radically revamping their contractual processes and conditions for urgent care.

Role of Sunknowledge in Urgent Care Billing

Our understanding of the urgent care sector, gained from working with some of the largest, provides us an advantage in delivering it all. Our unique skill is to handle everything from patient scheduling through posting the correct charges, coding the correct diagnoses and procedures, filing the claim, managing denials, and collecting pending accounts receivable. We are a full-service urgent care billing provider with excellent client references.

Switching to Sunknowledge will provide you with an unrivaled skill set as well as a ready pool of urgent care billers eager to work for you at a rate of 1.99% of collections. We provide hands-on help with CPC-certified coders and an urgent care team that understands what it takes to accelerate your cash flow.

Hence to summarize, Urgent Care billing is complex, although it generally follows the same protocols as a primary care clinic. To remain in compliance with regulatory regulations, you must adhere to coding and billing guidelines. Billing errors can disrupt your revenue cycle management and have a negative impact on your practice’s bottom line. Outsourcing to an esteemed healthcare organization like Sunknowledge is a good way to streamline billing, eliminate redundancies, and improve collections while leaving your workers to focus on patient-centered care.

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