Improve your Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Revenue with Sunknowledge Assistance

Today managing a medical billing process is a complicated affair. As it involves series of actions like: 

  • dealing with proper awareness of the revolving laws
  • knowledge related regulations and standards
  • healthcare reform and changing payment policies
  • manage labor storage problems
  • dealing with the rising cost of the health care
  • awareness of new codes every day and many more.

With too many administrative tasks, balancing between patient care management and handling the complex billing process many healthcare practices are finding it extremely challenging to ensure a seamless billing operation. Moreover with the labor shortage amidst the crisis situation, many healthcare practices are somewhat at a breaking point from the stress of the jobs. in fact, seeing the current situation and with the decrease in the revenue, more than 98 % of healthcare practices are in fact considering of optimizing their billing operation from an experienced operational extension. Essentially with effective revenue cycle management, the United State could have saved about $ 16.3 billion annually.

Sunknowledge assistance helps you increase your skilled nursing facility revenue: 

Taking care of all your front office activities to back-office billing and collections, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a leading RCM solution delivering an unparallel solution with the highest productivity metrics in the industry.

Staying abreast of the different and ever-changing, rules and requirements for each payer, Sunknowledge experts further with the help of direct doctor office follow-up collects up to date patient information, check for eligibility and benefits, ensure time claims submission and also manage your accounts receivable efficiently.

In fact, our experts with a proper understanding of coding guidelines and staying updated with new codes further address your complete skilled nursing facility billing and collection with a precision of 99.9 percentages. With cleaner claims and reduced rejections or denials, our experts work on closing all your SNF gaps faster and efficiently so that you get paid in a timely manner without delaying or denying reimbursement.

Improving your practice’s cash flow, we further help you focus more on patient care and also reduce your burnout in today’s complex healthcare environment

So what are you waiting for? Partner with us and experience an effective RCM process in place that aids you to improve your financial performance, patient care management in no time for your skilled nursing facility billing.