How to Improve Your HME Billing Collections

The collective impacts of the pandemic have created a lot of problems for many people, especially healthcare providers. Starting from the labor shortage problems to rising healthcare costs and the introduction of new codes and regulations, the healthcare domain had to face numerous obstacles. Hindering the opportunities for growing revenue and enhancing the patient experience, practices had to face extreme financial challenges.
Though the labor shortage problem was present even before the crisis situation, today the problem is seen augmented furthermore and all HME providers are looking for a better option – outsourcing.

In order to provide the patient with the right experience and improve reimbursement rates, outsourcing has been a proven cost effective solution for many.

Sunknowledge Improves Your HME Collections

Taking care of your complete HME billing operation from the start, Sunknowledge lays a strong foundation to ensure proper data management for a successful revenue cycle. Ensuring the right checks and balances, the experts further avoid any kind of overlooking or incorrectly recording of data that can slow the claims process and lead to denials.

Resolving the challenges that staffing shortages are compounded by the day-to-day issues like – evolving payer requirements, changing Medicare and Medicaid rules, different payers’ needs, frequent changes in codes etc; Sunknowledge offers a comprehensive RCM solution at only $7 per hour without compromising on standard and productivity.

Taking care of all your eligibility verification, authorization complication, claims and AR management; Sunknowledge for the past 15+ years has been delivering complete RCM solutions with dedicated resources to improving your billing transaction.

Amplifying your claim approvals and accelerating reimbursements, Sunknowledge today is key to driving revenue cycle performance for many.

Capturing clean data and timely claims submission, the experts further manage complex coding reducing your chances of duplicate HME billing.  Avoiding mistakes that cause claim denials, partnering with Sunknowledge experts additionally reduces your cost of operation as well. Resolving aging accounts as old as three years, the experts further help your resource’s time and your money for improving the practice and expanding the business.

Streamlining workflow Sunknowledge today is a proud RCM destination.

So if you are looking to optimize your HME billing, Sunknowledge is the ultimate destination.