Improve your Complex Rehab Technology Billing Management with Sunknowledge Approach

CRT is commonly known as complex rehab technology, a term many people are familiar with. CRT is nothing but is refers to types of equipment that are used by the disabilities people and is individually configured. It can be anything starting from manual and power wheelchair systems, adaptive seating systems, alternative positioning systems and many more items which are designed to suits individual needs to maximize their activities, function and independence. With such huge demand, you need an operational extension that not only helps you streamlining your billing operation but also enhancing your ROI.

Sunknowledge a solution for better complex rehab technology billing ROI:

Keeping up with the constantly changing billing regulation, new ICD – 10 codes, Sunknowledge services offer rapid response for your billing needs. Reducing your unnecessary cost like potential salaries, software fees, training etc; Sunknowledge experts save a lot of money, time and resources. With excellent communication across all RCM players to streamline other processes, Sunknowledge experts further ensure a 99.9% rate of precision.

Transforming your KPIs, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is known for:

  • Providing a cost-effective billing solution better than in-house billing team
  • Reducing your operational cost by 80% which no other RCM can offer
  • Prevent unnecessary billing and coding errors and a faster turnaround time
  • Highest productivity metrics in the market


Eliminating your daily struggle for the need to hire, train, retain, and manage new billers and coders for better results, our experts provide you with a pool of excellent teams ensuring a better financial outcome. Driving your overall cost down and saving your time for the patient, we are the RCM destination that improves quality and deliver consistent and better reimbursements results.

We are a destination with years of experience and advanced technology following every compliance regulation for a better complex rehab technology billing approach.

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