Improve The Handling And Function Of Your Knife With Custom Knife Handles

In bushcraft, camping, survival, hunting, and many other outdoor pursuits, your knife will be your most important tool. With your knife and some survival skills, you can take on a wider range of challenges than with any other tool. You can shelter yourself with your knife. You can build a fire to keep yourself warm and cook with your knife. Speaking of that, you can prepare food and clean fish and game with your knife to keep yourself fed. You’ll also find that you need your knife to build other tools, too, so your knife is up there in importance if not your single most important tool besides knowledge.

Since your knife is such an important tool, you might want to add a new feature to it to improve the grip and function of it such as Custom Knife Handles. Custom knife handles are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make your knife more comfortable and functional. Best of all, you can find many different colors and styles of custom knife handles for many popular models at The Knife Connection.

You might have found that your current knife is a great, reliable tool with quality steel that is strong, sturdy and keeps an edge well. It might also have other desirable features like an exposed pommel for breaking or hammering or a squared spine for throwing sparks from a FireSteel. A great knife paired with a not so great handle material can become uncomfortable and burdensome in the field, especially when you actually need to rely on the ergonomics of your knife to build functional shelters and start fires. Keep in mind that the shape of the handle is the most important thing that determines how good of a grip you will have on the knife. That’s where the TKC handle scales really prove their worth as they are expertly designed to work WITH your hand, not against it. Even durable handle materials like polished Micarta or G10, while rugged, can be slippery even when dry. When in the rain or when covered in grease, mud or blood they can be much worse. That’s why The Knife Connection has a slight texture machined on their handle scales so there is less chance of slippage.

One of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to remedy any of these problems is by fixing up your knife with custom knife handles like the ones you’ll find at They offer many attractive and practical handles and scales for popular knife models from ESEE, Becker and Ontario Knife Company. Take a look at some of their knife handles and you can completely change the fit and ergonomics on your knife. Some of their custom knife handles even extend the handles on smaller knives like the ESEE 3 to give you a firmer and more comfortable grip on the knife. You can choose your preference in color and pattern too. In just the same way that a powder-coated blade won’t shine in the light and give you away, a patterned set of knife scales matching your environment can keep you concealed in the bush. You can find custom scales with Mil-Spec camouflage and other muted woodsy or desert color patterns. On the other hand, if you want to give your knife a lot of contrast so that you don’t lose it among debris in camp, you can go with a bright orange set of custom scales. Whether you want to improve the way the knife looks in your hand or just change its style, take a look at the custom knife scales in stock at today and you may find something you like.

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