Important Tips to Take Care of your Mobile Phone

The most essential gadget that we use in our daily life is our mobile phone. It is becoming an integral part of our life. So, it is mandatory to keep our cell phone in the best condition. Buying a good phone will not serve our purpose, instead maintaining the phone in a good health is essential. The article will provide necessary tips to maintain your phone in the best condition.

  1. Accessories: The first thing that comes to our mind after buying a phone is the phone accessories. The two accessories that are often suggested is a mobile case and a tempered glass. The case is a safety shield that bear all the wear and tear. To protect the mobile screen, a good quality tempered glass is a must. Although some mobiles come with a corning gorilla glass, still a tempered glass is recommended. So, a good case and a genuine tempered glass is highly recommended.
  2. Charging: It is always advised to charge your phone once the charge level come down below 10%. It is noticed that people often charge their phones as and when they like but this damages the battery shell life. It is a good practice to discharge a mobile fully and then charge it fully once in a month. The best time to charge the mobile is during the night when the mobile is not in use.
  3. Cleaning: Cleaning junk files is an essential task that is needed to be done on daily basis. This not clear up junk space as well as improve mobile performance. Most of the mobiles come with a pre-installed cleaning app. If your mobile doesn’t have the cleaning app, get the same from the app stores. There are a number of apps available in the app stores.
  4. Antivirus: It is recommended to have a antivirus installed in your mobile phone. Unrestricted net surfing often lands us to certain websites that contains malware. So, to protect our phone data and minimize performance loss, we need to install a good antivirus available in the app stores. The antivirus might make the phone a bit slower but on the other side will protect the phone from malwares.
  5. Hotspot & Bluetooth: Hotspot and Bluetooth are the duo that are often found guilty for the poor performance of a mobile phone over a long period of time especially when the phone gets older. Hotspot and Bluetooth consumes good amount of charge that lead to poor battery performance as well as hamper the mobile performance.
  6. Vibrate: Keeping the mobile phone in vibrate mode is another cause of poor performance. Most of us keep our mobile phones in vibrate mode most of the times. Certain notifications are often accompanied by a vibration too. It is suggested to disable such vibration feature. Avoid keeping the mobile in vibration mode as far as possible.

These are the basic tips that will ensure your mobile to be in a good condition. If the performance of your mobile phone drops over time, then it is highly recommended to take your mobile to the best mobile repairing company near you.


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