Important Aspects of Tyres

Everything that we use in our day-to-day lives has at some point in time had a humble beginning. Evolution, technology everything works that way, from hypothesis to invention; everything has evolved from a single idea. When it comes to cars, one can only imagine that human’s ever-changing methods to their lifestyle could stem from the fact that they wanted to make their lives and the lives of everyone around them better. An exceptional invention and a crucial component of cars are tyres. Their invention alone can be dated back to the Agri age when people would use wheels to drive their locomotives in their fields.

If we are to truly appreciate the boon that is tyres, we must understand their origins, classifications, types, sizes, and a lot more. We commonly know tyres as a material composed of rubber, chemical compounds, wires, and a lot more technical parts. These materials play a huge role in determining the performance of the said component. We all generally focus on the brands and the place where we purchase our tyres from but one should also equally focus on its various attributes. To invest better, it is good to know beforehand about the basics of tyres Dunlop Tyres Maidstone. Finally, to understand better, here are a few things that one should know before purchasing their Tyres.

The very common and recognized types of tyres amongst vehicle owners are summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, performance tyres to name a few. However, people do not know that these kinds of tyres are classified into another category namely Light to Medium duty tyres. The main feature of light-duty tyres is that they can easily carry a load of 250 to 500kg. Medium duty tyres on the other hand can carry a load of 500 to 1500kg.

Let’s classify the number of tyres falling in the category of light to medium tyres:

  1. Winter tyres are equipped with soft rubber and work excellently on snowy and icy roads. They help provide grip and traction on the road surface that would be difficult to achieve through summer tyres.
  2. All-season tyres can be used in both winter and summer seasons, they are generally the number one choice for consumers residing in tropical conditions with little to no temperature variation.
  3. All-terrain tyres are aggressive tyres that are used for robust steady vehicles. These tyres function well on-road and off-road. They deflect mud very well.
  4. High-performance tyres are generally used for sports cars and performance cars, aside from delivering great speed they also ensure maximum safety.
  5. Run-flat tyres are a special kind of tyre that can even run even while they are punctured, albeit at a slower speed.
  6. Race Car tyres are specially manufactured to deliver acceleration, high cornering, and friction.

Next in the list comes heavy-duty tyres having 1800kg as the minimum load-bearing capacity and the maximum load-bearing capacity is around 2400kgs. As evident from their weight carrying capacity, trucks and off-road tyres are the best example for this category.

Finally, a few things that one should look out for to protect their tyres from deflating and running into a puncture are:

  1. Maintaining optimal pressure in the tyres by checking for overinflation and underinflation. Whilst the former can cause a gap between tyres and the road surface at high speeds, the latter is a leading cause for punctures and flat out. It is best to use a pressure gauge to regularly check the inflation levels of the tyres.
  2. One should also check the outer visible faults on their tyres like scraps, cracks, and other such things. One should know that it is time to change their tyres if any physical damage is visible on the outer surface of their tyres. Additionally, if one wants to change their tyres, ideally, they should know the size of their tyre’s size, which is inscribed on the sidewall of the tyre.

We now know that tyres are no longer metal circular objects that can be mounted on a wheel. They are a piece of complex machinery that complements the car one drives and a lot more. As part of their numerous functions, they are, quite literally, the backbone of the car. Therefore, if one wants to know more about Tyres Maidstone and their various classifications, subscribe to our blog and click on the redirection link.

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