Importance of Perfect Air Pressure in Tyres

Car drivers know well that they have to fill their car tyres Northampton with air. However, not all are aware of the role of air in the performance of tyres.

Just imagine your Car Tyres Northampton without air. Will they be able to carry the weight of your vehicle?


Even they are unable to get their shape properly without air pressure. Thus, the air is vital for your tyres undoubtedly.

Here, we have something more to add when we talk about the role of air in tyres. Only filling the air in tyres is not enough to ensure proper performance. You have to keep the air pressure at the specified level.

Look at your user manual. There you will find proper guidelines to keep the air pressure at a certain level.

Why should you keep the air pressure at a specified level?

This is the main point of this blog.

So, read carefully to get the answer.

If you drive your car with the wrong inflation level, your ignorance will affect several aspects of car performance, such as handling, cornering, and braking. Moreover, wrong air pressure will disturb the level of driving comfort as well.

If the air pressure in your tyres is above the specified level, your tyres are over-inflated. Similarly, your tyres are under-inflated if the air is not enough in your tyres.

In both conditions, your tyres will touch the road surface imperfectly. Moreover, you will reduce the lifespan of your improperly inflated tyres as well.

How are over-inflation and under-inflation risky for your tyres?

Over-inflated tyres are just like a balloon that has excessive air. You may easily observe that proper cushioning is not possible with tyres with excessive air. The condition will be more serious if an over-inflated tyre hit a kerb or a pothole. The tyre will likely experience a blowout. With the increased hardness of the rubber material, your over-inflated tyres will not make proper grip on the road surface. Furthermore, over-inflated tyres will run on the road with decreased contact area affecting proper driving comfort. Over-inflated tyres will show treadwear in the middle part of the tread design.

Under-inflated tyres will run on the road with more flexing. It means the contact area will be larger to increase the level of friction and heat. So, under-inflated tyres may blow out suddenly in the middle of the road. Tyres with low air pressure will wear out from both sides excessively.

How is correct air pressure determined?

Specified air pressure for every vehicle will be different. Manufacturers determine the correct air pressure for a vehicle based on the size and function of the vehicle. For example, the level of air pressure will be different for personal and commercial vehicles. Recommended air pressure is different for rear and front tyres as well.

Air pressure and wet roads

It is impossible to ignore wet roads if we talk about the performance of tyres. wet roads are slippery and vehicles usually struggle on these surfaces to get proper friction. Air pressure is important to perform well on wet roads because of the contact area.

Both over-inflation and under-inflation will disturb the contact area. Therefore, tyres will not get proper traction on a wet surface. In this condition, the chances of hydroplaning are higher with improperly inflated tyres.

Air pressure in different seasons

Hot air expands since its molecules move at a faster rate. On the other hand, it contracts due to the slower rate of movement of the molecules.

Therefore, it is easy to observe that, air pressure is increased in hot weather. Due to increased air pressure, incidents of blowouts take place frequently in the summer season. cold weather will decrease the air pressure to make your tyres under-inflated.

To overcome these challenges, you need to check the air pressure at regular intervals. You can do it easily with an air pressure gauge. You mustn’t check the air pressure the tyres are heated. Heated tyres do not provide the correct reading.


Air is not a part of your tyres. However, it works as a vital component for your tyres. you may observe that almost all the performance factors depend on proper air pressure.

Without proper air pressure, you would not be able to drive your vehicle comfortably on roads. Moreover, your tyres will show damage signs soon if you drive with baldly inflated tyres for a long time. So, it is better that you do not avoid air pressure in your Citroen Tyres Northampton and check it regularly.

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