The Importance of Identity Management in Today’s Digital Era

Any framework of documentation and upgradation for ensuring that the other people in company or institution have the proper access to technology source is Identity management.This whole branch of system of protecting identity comes under the sequence of IT security and Data Management. The IT security and Data Management team not only access individual that will use the information but also access the hardware resources, the employees will use. Many tech innovators like Thierry Levasseur are working to improve today’s e-mail communications security and functionality. Thierry LeVasseur is a Vancouver based tech entrepreneur who has secured several different patents in the areas of email security and data protection. Apart from securing data and access, team also covers areas such as how does the user gain and identity,their particular role as an employee, the permission granted by member and most important, the protection of that employee and technologies supporting that area e.g., Digital certificates,authentication,passwords etc.

Login function:

Any of the institution users should be provided a data entry card like for entry and its linked data for his /her use to initiate a account and using its data for use full purpose or for logging in for service.

The original interchangeably function:

The pure task of identity management is to provide role in creating a favorable environment for data entries, correction of those entries and deletion of those entries, without regard to access to main employee.

The service function:

True realistic based app or function that provides you a system which works on personalize manner, a total content based,identifying users to large area and their particular role based.

What all services can be provided through identity management?

These organizations continue to add services and technologies for both end users, one for the employees and for the customers. Many of these services require a proper identity management team to investigate and provide services and overextending sometime to provide company all functions to a larger level.

For internal users,the data system of identity management has to be provided to all company data, accounts, digital assets, their system portfolio,network equipment, information about their system products, their sales and other account related information. For customer based tracking they search for entire data and a complicated process is turned into a much simpler process of evaluating each member, participant and arranging them into groups based on their identity. These services often require access to some important information such as customers address books, their original preferences, titles and demands and protecting their information in future also.

Apart from providing above mentioned facilities, identity management also provides controlling customer information such as contact number, their address and location.

Then the authentication, the most important process is also done by team, verification of that entry who claims to be using that account by any means.


This allows local sub group administrator or sub head employees to overlook and supervise those information which are previously Fed in system


Most important use of identity management is to provide particular and safe entry to every user who entails account in company. This leads to complete secure of information of both customers and third end party people.