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We have devices that are low-cost, mid-range, and high-end in store for your comfort. You may also make reservations for 4X4 tyres via our website, or you can come to our garage to pick up the available options. You furthermore have the choice to schedule an appointment for Tyres North London

Our Inventory Includes a Variety of 4×4 Tyres.

We have an extensive stock of 4×4 tyres in inventory. You can find tyres by some of the industry’s most reputable brands on the racks at our store. You have the option of selecting from the below variations, depending on whether you need a vehicle for travelling on roads or off-road:

Highway-Terrain (On-Road)

Highway-terrain versions have a stronger driving style and greater performance over their standard counterparts. These tyres are also capable of driving in mild off-road situations with little to no difficulty.

All-Terrain (Both on and Off-Road)

The versatility of all-terrain tyres makes them an excellent choice for use equally on and off the roadway. These long-lasting tyres offer superior grip and a comfortable riding experience in dry, rainy, as well as mild snowy situations.

Mud-Terrain (Off-Road)

Mud-terrain tyres are capable of delivering an exceptional level of grip on a variety of surfaces, particularly those that are icy, muddy, or damp. These tyres are specifically in use for harsh off-road environments. These variations are very hardy and can effectively defend themselves against ruptures and a variety of other types of harm.

When Shopping for 4×4 Tyres, There Are a Few Things to Keep In Mind.


The abrasive tread designs and bigger intervals among the tread units that come standard on 4×4 varieties, in addition to wider tread channels, are distinguishing features of these tyres. The wider tread provides better on-road performance. On the other hand, the strong tread design ensures better grip, endurance, and resilience to rupture when used for off-roading.


A tyre’s carcass is responsible for bearing 70 per cent of the unit’s total load. Because of this, the load-carrying ability, puncture resilience, thermal management, and driving sensitivity of a 4×4 type have a close relation to the stiffness of the body of the vehicle.


Innovative silica-enriched rubber compositions are in use throughout the manufacturing process of 4×4 units. It improves the touch that the tyre has with the roadway, the traction that the tyre has, as well as the fuel efficiency and reduces the friction that the tyre has while rolling.

Our crew of tyre specialists is always available to address any concerns you may have and assist you in selecting the appropriate pair of tyres for your car as well as the manner you typically drive. You may have trusted our recommendations thanks to the EU Tyre Labeling, which also allows you the option to evaluate tyres on your own. Since November 2012, every single-vehicle tyre, Crossover tyre, truck tyre, as well as 4×4 tyre goes under assessment depending on three primary factors:

Fuel Economy

A rolling tyre distorts and loses power. This energy loss is rolling resistance, and it has a direct influence on fuel usage. Relative to cars equipped with a complete pair of category E tyres, those equipped with a full collection of grade A tyres have the potential to cut their fuel usage by an additional 7.5 per cent.

Wet Grip

Tires with a great wet grip offer lower stopping distances on slick roads. This is vital for maintaining your safety while driving in damp conditions. This grade assesses the length a vehicle travels after stopping at 50 miles per hour in wet conditions. The stopping range of class A tyres is up to thirty per cent less than that of class E.

External Noise

The decibel (dB) scale is in use to evaluate the degree of outside noise, which they rank as an A, B, or C. The prevailing limitation is grade C, grade B will satisfy future rules, and grade A is another 3dB under that. Grade C indicates the maximum. Note that the noise coming from the car’s tyres on the outside has no connection to the noise coming from within the vehicle.

New EU Tyre Labeling Rules will go into effect in May 2021. Environmental sustainability by 2050 and traffic safety improvements in Europe were the driving forces for the decision. The new EU Tyre Marking streamlines the old grading approach by using a grade that ranges from A to E. It evaluates Gas Mileage and Wet Traction, respectively. It is also simpler to recognise the category of External Noise, which receives a rating between A and C.

You can purchase Continental Tyres North London either digitally or in-store.

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