Ideas to Shop for Western Dresses Based on Body Type

Western dresses are known to accentuate feminine elegance through a variety of dress styles and fits. There are unlimited patterns, cuts, and designs to choose from; but which one would look good on you? That’s the important question you should ask and ponder over when browsing women’s fashion online in UAE. According to fashion experts, dresses should be bought and worn as per one’s body type. Why? It is because the right dress that is made for your body type will highlight your best features and camouflage what you don’t like to flaunt. Not sure what your body type is? Don’t know which western dresses UAE would complement your body type? All your queries have been answered below.

Understanding Your Body Type

How do you know which body type category you fall under? Let’s first list the common four body types.

  • Hourglass
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Rectangle

Hourglass is where your bust and hip have equal dimensions with a small waist like an hourglass.

For women with a pear-shaped body, the waist is wider than the bust area, with narrow shoulders and fuller hips.

The apple-shaped body has broad shoulders with a fuller waist.

Rectangular body type as the shape has equal dimensions throughout the body without any curves.

Getting the measurements of your bust, waist, and hip region, along with the length across the shoulders would give you a fair idea about your body type. So, before going to the next segment, take out your measuring tape, stand in front of the mirror, and get the stats right for your body type.

Choosing a Dress as per the Body Type

Now that you know your body type; let’s walk you through the dress styles that would suit your silhouette.

  • Hour Glass Body: Fashion experts denote this as the best body shape that one can have. The owner of an hourglass body has a curvy figure that looks good in all kinds of dresses. You can effortlessly pull off body-hugging silhouettes, looking spectacular in dresses that have Vneck along with other styles such as wrap tops or dresses, peplum skirts, long tunics, and jumpsuits. You can accentuate the curves with prints and patterns or play with monotones in preferably bold shades.
  • Pear-Shaped Body: The pear-shaped figure is all about flaunting the upper body part, so you need to choose your tops wisely. You can try cowl necks, V-neck, and bell sleeves; it would highlight your best features. Structured and adding layers like jackets and shrugs would also look great on you. Pints and patterns would look good on the upper body part, but for bottom-wear, choose solid colors that are subtle yet make a statement.
  • Apple Shaped Body: People having an apple-shaped body should stick to dresses that have A-line silhouettes, or ones with loose and breezy fits. Button-ups or V-necks look great on apple-shaped bodies. Always go for dresses that elongate the torso, like straight cuts and A-lines. Tunics particularly look great on this body type.
  • Rectangle Shaped Body: Rectangular body shapes come without any defined curves, so the aim is to define the waist to create a curvy illusion. Scoop and round necks would look amazing, along with collars and embellished necklines and patterns. You can also try high-necks and halters.

The next time you go shopping for western dresses in UAE, choose the right dress confidently that would accent your body stats, making you feel and look pretty and flawless.

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