How You Select a Best Airbnb Property Management Company?

First, you must understand if you truly need an Airbnb property management company as discussed in the prior article. With the tools available, you can often reduce your time commitment considerably while increasing your income and the guest experience. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, I lay out exactly how I remotely manage all my Airbnb listings, some I’ve never seen in person.

However, some people are not cut out to be an Airbnb host for any number of reasons. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I salute you for knowing yourself. But knowing yourself if just half the battle. Now, you need to find and choose a good Airbnb property management company.

Choosing the wrong Airbnb property management company will cost you time and money. Choosing the right company will save you time and earn you more money.



Pros of a Good Airbnb Property Management Company

  1. A year-round impeccably clean home
  2. Professionals handling home maintenance, repairs, and upgrades
  3. Faster respond times to guests (increases conversion rate from inquiry to reservation)
  4. Round the clock on-call emergency contact
  5. Knowledge (how Airbnb works, handling insurance claims, recommendations for trusted smart locks, etc.)
  6. Connections (established and trialed cleaners, maintenance staff, etc.)
  7. Increased occupancy and nightly rate as they should be monitoring this regularly

Questions To Ask Your Potential Airbnb Property Manager

Choose a few of the below questions to ask based on what’s important to you or what’s lacking from the information you were able to gather from them with your online research. Always dig for more. Ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ often:

  • Do you monitor guest reviews?
  • What is the biggest issue you have with managing all of your properties?
  • What percentage of their existing hosts are Superhosts?
  • How do you handle early check-in and late check-out requests?
  • Will I have my own account or does my listing go on your account?
  • How do you hire cleaners?
  • How do they price your calendar?
  • How long does the average host stay with the company?
  • Who would the guest contact at 11 pm on a Friday night? Or 6 am on a Tuesday morning?
  • Do they use an Airbnb message automation service?
  • What Does An Airbnb Property Management Company Charge?

What To Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Airbnb Property Manager

Let’s assume you found this article after you already hired a bad Airbnb property management company and you want to fire them. First, you need to read the contract.

Next, you want to find what your options are. It’s possible you don’t have many. Finally, you always want to remain on positive terms with the Airbnb property management company. They should be a professional organization.