How to win VIP baccarat?

Baccarat is a popular game among recreational gamblers. It is the most lucrative game with a lesser house advantage and simple algorithm.

With the advancements in technology and upgraded user interfaces, the iGaming sector is elevated to new levels. 

VIP baccarat is one such advanced version developed by Playtech, available in selected authentic online casinos. Before delving into ways to win a game of VIP baccarat, let’s understand the basics of the game: 

Baccarat: An overview

Baccarat or punto banco is essentially a card game. It involves two versions:

  • A large baccarat table, with 14 players are seated
  • A small baccarat table, with 8 players are seated

The significant advantage of baccarat is the minimum stake amount required to begin the game. 

Rules of baccarat

Players can choose to place bets on three options:

  • Player
  • Banker
  • Tie

Once the players place their bets, the game begins. Two card hands are dealt from the shoe, which consists of eight decks of standard cards. While one hand deals with the banker, the other deals with the player. 

The agenda of the game is to approach a total as close as possible to nine. Once the first set of cards is dealt, the value at each hand is totalled and calculated. Players and bankers can draw the third card, which is governed by the regulations set by the casino.

The following three possible scenarios occur after the distribution of the first two cards:

Scenario A: Either banker or the player has a total of 9. In this case, the win is called a natural win.

Scenario B: Neither banker nor the player has a total of 9, but one of them has a total close to 8. Then the hand with a sum close to 8 is considered the winner and is said to have registered a natural win.

Scenario C: Neither banker nor the player has totalled close to 8 or 9. In this case, the rule sheet is consulted and decided if a third card needs to be drawn. Once the third cards are drawn, the totals are compared again. In comparison, the hand with a sum that is close to 9 wins.

Scenario D: Both hands have the same total. In this scenario, none of them wins.

Card values

The objective of the game is to arrive at a total close to 9. The card values in baccarat are defined as follows:

  • Zero is the value assigned to all 10s and face cards
  • All cards from Ace through 9 have their face value

The card total cannot exceed 9. If it exceeds 9, the final value at hand is decided by subtracting ten from the amount at hand. E.g.: if the hand value is 8 + 8 =16, then the final total at hand is 16-10 = 6.

Bets and house advantage

  • Player

The house advantage of the player’s bet is 1.24%. Stakes are placed at the area marked as ‘players’.

  • Banker

The house edge for the banker is 1.06%. However, if the banker’s hand wins, it is supposed to pay a commission amount to the house. This percentage of commission should be paid only if the hand wins and not required during a loss.

  • Tie

This bet is the worst bet option. Though it promises a big payoff, the house advantage stands at 14.36%.

VIP baccarat and online casino

Playtech developed VIP baccarat, which is a highly conventional version available at limited online casinos. The basic rules underlying the game remain the same as those of classic baccarat. The difference arises in the way the ‘squeeze’ feature is handled.

Squeeze essentially adds a drama element to the game by slowly revealing the card value. The options of squeeze available in VIP baccarat are:

  • Full Squeeze – half of the face of the card is shown
  • Half Squeeze – one-third of the face of the card is shown
  • Rotate – the card is rotated to 90 degrees during a squeeze
  • Toss – the card is revealed to all the players by turning it over

Strategies for winning VIP baccarat

  1. Steer clear of the tie bet

The house advantage of the tie bet stands relatively higher than the other stakes. Therefore, although a tie offers high takeout, players should opt for banker-player bets, which have lower house advantages.

  1. Opt to play at a reliable, certified online casino

The iGaming sector is differently regulated depending on the country where it is enjoyed, and so, players must do thorough research before indulging in a money game with an online casino.

Final thoughts

VIP baccarat adheres to the standard rules of baccarat with an additional squeeze feature. With the right online casino, players can experience an ultra-real gaming experience from the comfort of their homes. 

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