How to use Eyebrow Trimmer Step Step Guide

We all know that sometimes we get cuts by using trimmer so I decided to guide you step by step how to use Eyebrow Trimmer.

Step 1

Begin by preparing your brows for the cut. You need to take a warm shower so that the hairs on your brows become loose. When you utilize warm water for showering, the vapor from the shower carefully opens the hair roots as well as the pores present around them. As a result, it becomes easier to trim the strands and shape up the brows correctly.

Step 2

Remove the fine hair strands growing out between your brows (right over your nose). For this, you have to grip the razor straight up and use the broad ‘vertical comb attachment’. Make sure that you apply small strokes by moving it only from one side to another (horizontal sweep) in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair.

Step 3

Take a soft towel and wipe the trimmed hair strands off the razor. You also need to change the wide tip of the razor with a smaller one, which is square or rectangular in shape. Now, you are ready to go ahead with the rest of the shaving.

You have always depended on your favorite pair of tweezers for shaping your eyebrows. How about trying something different this time? Well, I am discussing the small as well as durable brow razor. When it pertains to forming eyebrows specifically in the house, absolutely nothing can be far better than this charming, hassle-free, and also time-saving device. Not many of us are familiar with this dainty little thing. And also we most definitely do not wish to ruin our eyebrows! Here we are– to solve all your eyebrow issues! This write-up will certainly educate you just how to utilize a brow razor without creating any type of mishaps.

Step 4

Now, moisturize the area surrounding your brows. You can use a regular facial moisturizer or even the daily moisturizer that you use for your body. Apply it over the creases of your eyes and the upper part of your brows. The skin between the brows should also be covered by it. It will provide protection to your skin during the shaving. The hair strands will get a bit plumper, which will make the process effortless

Step 5

Now, shave underneath your brows. You have to start from the highest points or the ‘arches’ and cut off all the stray hair strands present below them carefully. The razor should be moved along the lower section of the penciled area in small, tight strokes. It is advised that you apply little pressure while dragging the razor against your skin.

Step 6:

Usually, we do not have outgrown hair on the upper parts of our brows. If you have any, you can simply eliminate them with the razor. For this, hold the razor straight down and move it in the direction of the growth of your hair– along the natural shape of your brows.

I hope that now you understand properly how to use it So Do you want to buy Razor Trimmer then click on it and comment below.

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