How to Tell If You Really Need Size 15 Hunting Boots

The difficulty of finding footwear in the proper size causes a lot of guys to just take what they can get and then cut their losses. While this is enough of a pain when it comes to picking out dress shoes and sneakers, it’s a much bigger deal when you’re looking for work boots, gym shoes, snake boots, or, to be quite specific, size 15 hunting boots.

That’s because these latter categories, specifically work boots and hunting boots, provide more than just a cover for your feet. They keep you warm, protect you from injury, support you during grueling hours in the field, and more. If you are a size 14 or even a 15 or larger, here’s how to know if you can’t just squeak by with a smaller size.

1. Your boots don’t last more than one season

If your boots don’t last more than one season, it means one of two things. Either you have low quality boots, or the fact that they aren’t sized properly is taking a huge toll on them. It’s up to you to determine the quality of your boots, but if you have to squeeze into them and are overtaxing the seams and materials, then they’re not going to last long.

2. Your boots are uncomfortable to wear

This one is obvious. Do you put your boots on and immediately feel like you are in a vice? Are you dealing with an inordinate amount of blisters or sores? Is there no room in the toe box? Are the cuffs abrading your ankles? Some of these are signs that the boot just needs more time for break in. Others are signs that they’re too small.

3. Your boots lose their waterproofing after only a few sessions

By the same token as mentioned above, if your boots are under constant excessive pressure from you squeezing into them, then they may quickly lose their waterproofing. If you notice that water is leaking into the boots through the membrane, especially at the point where your toe flexes, it may be because they are too small.

4. Your insoles wear through

The extra stress and pressure of your feet may cause your insoles to flatten or wear through. Anti-fatigue insoles are supposed to prevent this, but ultimately, there is only so much they can do. Just like the rest of the boot, if the insoles get flat or wear too quickly, it could be because the boots are too small.

5. Your soles start separating

Finally, if your soles start separating from the uppers ahead of their time – which, for a good pair of boots, is many years – then it is a sign that you are beating up the boots. In this case, if they are too small, the pressure is coming from the fact that you have to squeeze into and out of them. If your soles are separating, it’s a sign that you need boots that fit better, and it’s not one you’ll be able to ignore for long.

There are other telltale signs that you need new hunting boots, and in this specific instance, if you wear size 15 hunting boots and notice any of these things, it’s time to get a pair in the proper size.

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