How to take care of your tyres?

Tyres don’t have a predictable life, but you may increase their lifespan by maintaining them. Tyre maintenance doesn’t mean it must be difficult or time-consuming. You just need to have knowledge about a few important things about tyres. Read on to know more about tyre maintenance.

Below are a few tips for maintaining your car tyres:

Tyre rotation:

Tyres are the main part of your vehicle that is in steady contact of the road, henceforth they are vulnerable to wear and tear. To minimize this sort of issue, you can rotate your car tyres regularly.

Tyre rotation is done as indicated by the vehicle model you have, so you have to know your vehicle’s model before getting a tyre


Some car models have wider tyres at the back, and smaller tyres in the front, in that case, you can’t get a tyre rotation.

The tread depth of the tyre: 

Without a proper tread depth, gripping and handling of your vehicle become impossible. Hence, regular inspection is important. You

can check the depth with the help of tread indicators. If the tread goes beneath 1.6mm, then you must replace them.

When your tyre is new, the depth of the tyre is 8mm. It is usually recommended to change it when it goes to 3mm but the legal

measurement is 1.6mm. 

A regular check of inflation rate:

One of the best ways to maintain tyre life is having appropriate tyre inflation. Assessing the tyre inflation rate regularly encourages you to avoid any sort of harm to your tyre or disappointment. There are two instances of inappropriate tyre inflation. Let’s know more about it.

Over inflation: Over inflation happens when the rate of inflation is more than the suggested air pressure. This may lead to a tyre blowout, which may lead to losing control over your vehicle. If you are thinking that this will help you in decreasing the fuel consumption, you are wrong as it’s the complete opposite. This is

because overinflated tyres have lesser contact patch, which means the efficiency of your vehicle is decreased. This directly impacts the fuel consumption of

your vehicle.

Under inflationThis is the situation when the tyres have way less inflation pressure than the recommended air pressure. This is the main reason behind the tyre puncture. The vehicle is vulnerable to getting punctured when the air pressure is less.

Driving tips:

Your driving techniques are directly responsible for your tyre’s life span. When you are driving at high speed, it means you are consuming more fuel. This is because of the heat that is built up while you drive at high speed. Moreover, this can lead to a tyre explosion. While you are driving at speed, you have a risk of skidding when you apply the brake. This may result you to be involved in accidents, and spend vast amounts on body repair Leamington Spa. Drive at the recommended speed that your car manual says.


The load limit of the vehicle: As each car has its own load limit of carrying weight, it is important to know what it is. You can check these in the car manuals. These

contribute to extra fuel consumption and uneven wear and tear of the tyre. 

All these things will help you in maintaining your tyre. However, if you incur issues while driving despite proper tyres, you should get a Car Repair Leamington Spa at your nearest garage.

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