How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summers

Summer is the most fun season of all, people roam around freely in light-weighted clothes and bright days. Summer is the synonym to vacations and outdoors for many people after spending major winter days in the house.

The arrival of summer also brings in a bundle of skin problems, from tanning to sunburn, it’s scared the most. Everyone is well aware of trick and tactics to save their skin from the harsh sun rays and humidity in the surroundings. But have we ever given it a thought what are the harsh effects of summer on our hair? The impact of sun rays on our hair is equally bad as it is on our skin.

Summer initiates hot winds raised the temperature and exhausting days. Our hair too gets affected by them and need the utmost care just like our skin do. Everyone wants their hair to be smooth, shiny and black, but the accomplishment of the same is not an easy task. It requires lots of effort by everyone to take good care of their hair.

The bounce and shine of hair fade away in the summer it makes them lifeless and dry. Everyone loves the good hair, irrespective of gender, hair troubles are a big turnoff for every humankind. The seriousness of hair problems in summer sometimes even lead to visiting skin clinics for treatment.

How to Protect the Hair in Summer?

Summer has a lot of contributing factor responsible for hair troubles. The excessive sweating, exposure to sun rays and the most loved swimming hours are the most popular reasons. It is the time of the year when your hair feels dry as if the moisture is ripped off, but do not worry, here I am providing you with tips and tricks to save your precious hair from the cruel sunrays and their unbearable heat:


  • Before going for a cure, check for your hair and scalp type. Everyone’s scalp and hair differ, so do the remedies effect on them does.

o Scalp Type- Normal, oily, dry, combination, dandruff or other medical conditions.

o Hair Type- Curls, waves, straight, frizzy, colored, smoothened and many others.

  • Hair Spa

Our hair often tends to lose their shine, become frizzier and more difficult to handle in exhausting summers. At this stage, they need love and care for a spa treatment. The goodness of shampoo and conditioner helps them to retain the shine and luster.

Expert beauticians will help you choose the right therapy as per your hair kind and boost them with all the required nutrients. Apart from adding benefits to your hair, the spa is also very soothing to the mind and the soul.

  • Hair Mask

We love the beauty benefit of face masks on our skin, but often ignore the significance of mask for our hair. In today’s world hair masks have become a thing, everyone adores them. Major brands like Loreal, Matrix, and others have launched hair masks for every hair type in the market, one can pick from any of these brands or else create quick DIYs at home with all-natural ingredients.

Sharing one of my favorite hair mask DIY for dry and damaged hair-

Ingredients– 1 spoon plain yogurt, 1 spoon mayonnaise, 1 spoon honey and 1 egg white ( you can take more than 1 as per your hair length)

Method- Make a mixture of all these ingredients. The resultant mask will be a bit runny, but the aftereffect of it will leave your hair all bouncy and full of life. Use a brush or wear gloves to apply this mask on your hair. Leave it on for 30-35 minutes and rinse off with plain water. Never use hot water for your hair as it weakens their roots.

  • Hot-Oil therapy

This remedy has been passed down to everyone from their grandmothers. Our hair loves oil therapy, the results make it evident. After throwing your hair exposed to the sun all day long, give them lots of affection by massaging them with hot oil.

It is advised to use lukewarm oil instead of cold or room temperature. Hot-oil increases the blood circulation and locks in lots of moisture to them. There are plenty of hair-oil options to choose from, however, coconut, castor, olive, and almond oil are considered the best.

There has emerged a new trend of including essential oils in the oiling part. These essential oils are extremely pleasant in smell and deliver great results to the scalp. For instance- Mix coconut, castor, and lavender oil together then enjoy the hot oil therapy.

  • Crucial Conditioners

While shampoo does the job of effectively cleaning your scalp and hair, conditioners add the moisture and lock it into your hair. People often tend to avoid using conditioners and stick only to shampoos, this concept needs to be updated.

The excessive exposure to sun makes the hair thinner, brittle and drier, but a good hair oil massage followed by shampoo and conditioners makes it all better again. If you are going for swim put leave-in conditioners and cover your head with a swimming cap, this step will prevent the harshness of chlorine water from reaching your hair.

  • Visiting Skin Clinics in Delhi

Sometimes the hair condition becomes so worse that it becomes difficult to improve them with any of the tricks and cures. Excessive hair-fall, premature baldness, dandruff troubles, and other issues require visiting skin clinic in Delhi.

The experts at these clinics will examine your scalp and dig out the cause behind hair problem. They will be providing you the right kind of medication, all necessary changes that have to be made in our lifestyle following which the improvement can be seen in a few days.

  • Aloe vera

Everyone is aware of this name and also of the wonders this plant can do to both our hair and skin. Scoop out fresh aloe vera gel from aloe leaves, grind them into a smooth paste and apply it on your hair. This is the most simple and easy to perform and converts the dryness into super silky hair locks.

Take good care of your hair, because we all know how crucial they are for us. We, humans, ignore the significance of hair care to a great extent, while the truth is they need to be looked after equally as other things. The beauty of a person boosts up with good hair conditions.

Avoid too much sun exposure, also cover your heads while going out. Be patient your hard work on your hair will eventually show up!