How to Succeed As a Birthday Party Magician?

Every day another magician or clown comes into the store that does birthday shows.  It can be very profitable for the magic that has the courage and fortitude to do these shows.  “How much should I charge? How long of a show should I do? What tricks should I do?”  How do you keep the kids from rushing up after the show and tearing up my props?”

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These are a few of the questions that customers usually ask who come into the shop.  Here is a thumbnail sketch of what we think is a successful birthday party magician Sydney.


Some of the kids party magicians and clowns advertise in one or both.  If you are running a weekly ad we would suggest that you use the shopper papers.  If you are running a special ad for a holiday or special event, we suggest that you use regular paper.  Find out if your paper plans a special “Kid’s” section once a year.  This is the section you want to be advertised in.

Do some free stuff and call the paper for publicity.  Believe me when we tell you that a small article showing you doing volunteer magic for a hospital or pre-school program in an underprivileged neighborhood is worth thousands in advertising.  It is also very rewarding to do charity work and bring happiness to a kid who is hurting or is poor.  Advertise in the phone book.  It is worth the money.

Find Out

When you get a call for a show, find out as much information as you can.  If mom tells you her daughter is going to be 2 years old, and you bring all pre-school stuff, you will be in trouble when you find out that the show is really for her cousins.   They range in age from five to fifteen.

What is the facility where you are going to perform?

A recreation room in a house might be 1500 square feet and also might be 500 square feet.  Know what you are getting into.  How many kids are going to be in attendance?  When are you preparing to serve the food?  We always suggest that they serve right after you perform.  This will keep the kids busy while you pack.  Also, no one likes chocolate cake on his props.

Be looked up to Dress properly

NEVER use blue humor or the slightest bad language around children.  If you use a sucker trick, go easy, and make sure that before the kid leaves you, he/she feels good and not embarrassed.  Don’t sit down with the family and eat after the show.  You are a professional.  If necessary, tell a little white lie and explain that you have to prepare for another engagement immediately after the kids magic show.  Thank them for the invite.

Do new effects

Keep track of what you do in an area.  If mom tells you that her Johnny saw you at Pam’s party, and she would like to have you perform for his birthday, don’t do all the same tricks.  When the kids start saying what you are going to do next, you won’t be doing many shows in that area soon.   Change the effects around and spice it up with something new at every show.

Don’t try to be what you are not: If mom says that she wants a clown to do magic, and you have only worked as a kids magician, don’t think some greasepaint will make you a clown.  Study clowning, recommend a real clown or tell her that you do a wonderful magic show but you are not a clown. Kids love all magic.  Educate them with safety or anti-drug messages.  Only do Gospel magic if asked.