How to Stop the Bleeding From Hemorrhoids

There are a number of highly positive actions you can take to reduce bleeding hemorrhoids. Consider them in three time-lines — the things you can do now, those you can do over the next days, and the longer term plan:

1. What you can do right away Acid Reflux Doctor Bethpage

The first thing you can do if the hemorrhoids involved is external is take a so-called Sitz bath. The basic principle is to bathe the area in water for 10-20 minutes replenishing the water with clean water from time-to-time. Specially designed sitz baths are available that sit in the basin of a toilet and are just big enough for your hips and buttocks. In the event you need take action right now you could fill a normal bath with a few inches of water to achieve the same effect. Don’t use the water too hot but it is best to try warm water or at room temperature. Sometimes an alternation of hot and cold water is used to achieve the optimum result.

The next thing, whether the hemorrhoids is internal or external, is to go to your local drug store and by a proprietary hemorrhoids cream. The ones available will most likely contain the steroid hydrocortisone (in amounts of 0.5-1%) which will reduce inflammation. In turn this may help the bleeding directly as well as reduce itching which will mean that you will scratch the area less. Unfortunately, the amount of hydrocortisone usable on the anal area without side-effects is limited so use only as a temporary measure. Note that some of the creams also use an anesthetic such as Lidocaine. As well as creams, ointments and suppositories may be available.

2. What you should do over the next few days

Over the next few days avoid sitting on the toilet and straining for long periods. If your stool is hard and difficult to pass increase your intake of fruit and vegetables – bananas are excellent for this purpose – and add roughage such as oats and bran. Avoid foods that give you diarrhea as this is probably as much a primary cause of bleeding hemorrhoids as constipation. Chew your food for longer prior to swallowing it down.

Next you could by a proper Sitz bath kit and a special additive to aid the healing of your hemorrhoids. Use the bath regularly – as it is quite small you may even be able to take it to work.

Also start using a natural hemorrhoids cream that you use longer term that the steroid based versions. Some may be more expensive to buy than the standard over-the-counter versions but it is often worth paying the extra for them.

3. How to solve the problem longer term Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Locust Valley

First be aware that other far more serious problems can cause bleeding from your anal area. If you have any doubts at all and the problem persists you should see your doctor or visit a specialist surgeon. On-the-other-hand, do not panic as hemorrhoids are a very common problem and at any one time up to 5% of people suffer from them.

In the longer term it is vital to adopt a generally more healthy diet. As well as the fresh fruit and vegetables reduce sugary foods and those with a high fat content. Eat more white meat. The healthier your diet the healthier is your anal health. Being overweight is also a direct cause of hemorrhoids so try to achieve that recommended for you height and build. Avoid standing or sitting for long periods.

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