How To Securely Pay For Your Seedbox With BitCoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that never uses a centralized system. This virtual currency isn’t printed resembling regular money and no real reservoirs or government-related with it. And so, peer-to-peer networks stand behind bitcoins, which indicates every single user is a part of this virtual bank.

The online operations are mostly completed using very complex algorithms and verified by using a vast network of mining computers comparing confusions related to each other. BitCoin payment (online) are completed securely on a seedbox, especially with rapidseedbox.

Why Should You Use BitCoins?

There are many advantages of using bitcoins for your seedbox payment –

1. Fast: In case you are using wire transfers, which are much slower options for payments. The reason behind such slow transfer is because banks hold you money for more time before initiating original transactions so to make sure that funds are really available.

2. Anonymity: If you are paying online with credit cards, you need to share simple personal info, such as – your real name, credit card number along with card verification value. Also, you must share your unique encrypted address with bitcoins. And so, your online connections are anonymous and more secured compared with regular ones.

3. Simple Payment: That’s simple and secure to pay using bitcoins. Thus, you can easily send a merchant your coins with scanning QR Codes via your smartphones. There are numerous convenient coins wallets within your smartphone and personal computers.

4. No Fees: You can simply skip operation charges with bitcoins because merchants who will accept this sort of value can avoid transaction fees, unlike banks. In case you are paying with a cache to your reliable merchant straight away, you no need to entertain third parties in between.

What Is A BitCoin Wallet?

This sort of wallet represents your online storage in savings. BitCoin wallets aren’t insured by the FDIC, unlike private or nationalized bank accounts. And so, you can use your bitcoins wallet to receive, save, and send money. The advantages of virtual wallets are, you can access them from anywhere in the globe.

There are numerous secured coins services available in the market, which incorporates and options to exchange your regional currency with bitcoins. These online services mostly abide by simple procedures –

• Register An Account

• Pay Using Bitcoins

• Buy Bitcoins With Bank Account, Credit Card, or Other Alternative Fund Sources

Additionally, you can receive bitcoins from other wallets and exchange bitcoins with different currencies as well.

Recommended BitCoin Services

There are some popular online services available worldwide –

• European Union: Bitstamp,, and Spectrocoin.

• United States: Uphold, Coinbase, Xapo, and StrongCoin.

• Australia: Coinloft, and Cointree.

BitCoins News

The popular news about coins and online currencies is growing regularly at rapid speed. There are also many online magazines or e-magazines available, which can asset you to stay updated. There are some popular magazines available globally –

 News BTC

 News

 Coin Desk

 Cryptocoin News

 BitCoin Magazine

To conclude, seedboxes are gladly accepting bitcoins as valid payment services available over the internet. And so, you must clear payments upon your seedbox, which ensures the utmost security and convenience, using bitcoins only.

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