How to reduce shrinkage in Natural Hair?

How does shrinkage occur? It’s the never-ending question of natural hair. It’s what often happens when we’re standing in the mirror and breaking and twisting our arm to pull that one shrunken up strand down for it to only spring right back up. That’s shrinkage in a nutshell. Shrinkage can be great when seeking endless volume that will be age-defying, however for the sake of variety in our hairstyles, it can also be a bit of a pain. There are many ways to rid one of shrinkage and in this article, we’ll explore some very simple ways to do so.

Bantu Knots
For the more loose curls with no shrinkage, it is recommended to try the Bantu knots overnight but the trick is, as soon as the morning hits undo the knots and place them on weighted clips. Those weights will stretch and loosen up the curls, add some length, and help achieve the look you are going for.

For more sleek and straightened hair without the heat, banding the hair is a great alternative. You can band your hair using normal hair bands, you simply need to part the hair in a few sections, place the bands on each section with dampened hair for an overnight, and by morning, the looks should be good to go.

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera gel also helps with the hair stretching along with hydration, enzymes, and amino acids. It not only helps to elongate the curls but also gives you a very polished look as well. Novex’s Super Aloe Vera Day After Gel is a great gel to try out!!!

Blow Drying
Blow drying your hair out can help you reach your maximum hair length. Always deep condition and apply a heat protectant whenever you are planning to blow dry hair. Your hair is at its weakest when wet and can only worsen with all the heat. Hence, this can be a temporary solution but not a permanent one.

Roller set
Roller sets are one of the least damaging methods. Here, you use rollers to dry and stretch your hair. This does not take a lot of effort and can act as a really good natural solution.

Anti-frizz serum
Another one of natural hair shrinkage products includes trying anti-frizz hair serum products. There are various brands that sell these products. The concept behind this product is to sal your hair so that the humidity cannot come through. You can go to top-rate serums for the same.

Bentonite clay
A popular combination seen around on the internet was one of bentonite clay along with apple cider vinegar. It helps in defining your natural curves and along with it, it lengthens them. You can also add coconut oil or shea butter to it, to help with moisturization. This will help in reducing the shrinkage.

Know your products
When it comes to choosing natural hair shrinkage products a common mistake is made to use products that pull moisture from the air. These include flax seeds, mango butter, and other honey-based products. These pull the moisture and show a reverse effect. You can go for products such as beeswax and silicone in case you want to avoid shrinkage of hair.

Bunning is another free natural DIY technique. Here, you can put your hair in a high bun after a hair wash. It can give you the desired result. You can keep it for one or two hours and then open it. You can also sleep making a pineapple hairstyle and then wash your hair the next day.

Sleep with braids
It can also be a good idea to sleep with braids on. These need not be very detailed. However, a regular braid can also help in avoiding some amount of shrinkage in case you are going to wash your hair the next day, and be sure to use a satin pillowcase.

When we talk about products for your hair, it is also important to make sure that you have the required accessories. The blow dryer or even the comb must fit your hair properly.

These are some of the ways and products that could help your natural hair with the problem of shrinkage. There are many trending tutorial videos on YouTube but always test all products and notice the way your hair behaves with it. It should benefit you and provide you with the desired results. The popular trend may not work for you, but something else can. Keep testing, trying, and slaying the curls!

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