How To Pass The MOT Test Easily?

The Ministry of Transport conducts an annual test on the vehicles to assess their eligibility for the road. The testing procedure hardly takes 45 minutes but if the authorities encounter any discrepancy, they may hold you for another 1-2 hours. The MOT pass certificate is valid for one year, beyond that 3 months extension can be sought.

Driving without a pass certificate can attract penal charges and nullify the insurance. Additionally, you may end up conceding your driving license to the authorities. Passing the MOT test is fairly simple, yet most of the test-takers fail to clear it.

This is because of complacency and negligence. With proper care and attention and routine maintenance, you can easily clear the test. Routine vehicle assessment and timely repairs can help you pass this test in no time. Here are a few tips for you to pass the MOT test easily.

Check the tyre’s condition 

Tyres are the primary component that the authorities test. This is because tyres are major drivers of safety and performance. Additionally, tyres also play a crucial role in pollution control. Therefore, you must ensure that your tyres are in good condition before appearing for the test. Here are a few things to check about your tyres:

  • Manufacturing date: Your tyres must not be older than ten years from the manufacturing date. MOT Stockport test centres follow the European Safety Standards norms, which dictate the average age of a good quality tyre is seven-eight from the manufacturing date. The manufacturing date is mentioned on the sidewalls for reference.
  • Tyre pressure: Bring your tyre pressure to the recommended level before appearing for the test. The recommended pressure information is mentioned in a tabular form on the driver’s door.
  • Tread depth: MOT testing authorities are very particular about the tread depth. Therefore, ensure that the tread depth on your tyres is at least 1.6 mm. You can also rely on the indicative bars on the inner tread walls for the same. If only one bar is visible, replace your tyres before appearing for the test.

Ensure good visibility 

Driver’s road visibility plays a major role in overall safety. The components involved in road visibility are wipers, windscreen and side mirrors. The windscreen must be spotless and crystal clear during the test.

If you have a permanent spot on the windscreen, ensure that it is not on the visible spectrum of the driver. Also, if there is a crack wider than 1cm, get it repaired before appearing for the test. Similarly, the wipers must be responsive, and they must cover the visible windscreen portion effectively.

The wipers should be clean and must not leave a mark behind. For this reason, ensure that the washer tank is sufficiently recharged too.

Recharge the oils 

Visit an MOT garage to recharge all the performance oils. The brake oil and the engine oil play a major role in safety and pollution control.

Pop your hood and look for the current level of these oils. While recharging, ensure that the oils you use are compatible with the vehicle’s specifications.

Check the lights 

Headlamp, tail-light and side indicators are crucial for road safety. Therefore, they must be in proper working condition and should not flicker. Also, they must be responsive to the driver’s control.

For this reason, take help from someone, and ask them to control the lights from the driver’s seat. Meanwhile, you take a round of the vehicle to spot any lighting discrepancies. If you come across a fused bulb or a dim light, replace it immediately.

Don’t overlook the registration plate

The registration plate must contain all the information clearly. Ensure that all the characters are properly visible and they are within recommended font type and size. Visit Car Service Stockport to get a proper license plate for your vehicle.

The plate must be tightly screwed in its place. Also, the light over the plate must be in proper working condition.


MOT tests only check the pollution and safety standards of the vehicle. Therefore, you must be mindful of key components in this regard before appearing for the test. Routine assessment and maintenance will save you from unwarranted troubles during the test.

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