How to overcome your prosthetics prior authorization challenges

Managing prior authorization has always been a struggle for many. Even though the goal of prior authorization is to improve the patient outcomes by making sure they get the right medications without incurring unnecessary additional costs, many times the complex requirement and time consuming process is more damaging the patient outcome rather than improving it. In fact, a recent survey by the 2022 Medication Access Report stated that more than 21% of patients experienced a delay in receiving medication over the last 12 months due to PA.

Prior authorization delay can happen for many reasons- confusion in the back and forth communication, unprofessional resources, misunderstanding between providers, pharmacists and staff etc. In fact, here are a few common reasons for prosthetics prior authorizations delays-

  • Administrative errors – if a wrong billing code, misspells of a name or any clerical error is found, this can result in a denial of prosthetics prior auth request.
  • Missing details – When your prosthetics prior authorization request has insufficient information about why the medication or treatment or the device is needed, it can be denied.
  • Procedural errors – a single procedural error can also result in denials.

This is why having the right operational extension working your prosthetics workflow can make all the difference.

Sunknowledge the right operational extension for your prosthetics prior authorization:

Addressing all your prosthetics prior authorization problems in time, Sunknowledge for the last few decades is making a mark in the healthcare industry. Resolving barriers and increased visibility for you to have a clear understanding, Sunknowledge not only provides clients with customized reports according to their protocol but also has 100s of excellent references across the industry.  Closing the prosthetics prior auth gaps efficiently and effectively, Sunknowledge expert today is known for 100 % authorization submission on the same day.  Offering you dedicated resources catering your all your prior authorization needs with 24 hr fastest turnaround time, Sunknowledge solution makes the auth process more efficient and helps patients get their medications more quickly than most in the industry. 

Being the only prior authorization solution that ensures the highest productivity metrics, we today offer a complete prior auth solution on an hourly basis at only $7. 

So if you are looking for a cost effective prior auth expert to manage your complex prior authorization problems Sunknowledge Services Inc is the ideal solution.

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