How to manage your DME billing efficiently

Today finding the right resources to manage your billing operation at a cost-effective rate is quite a challenge for many providers. According to a recent survey, the shortage of lower-income workers will be heightened with the need for medical assistants, nursing assistants, and home health aides, and is anticipated to top 10 million by the year 2025. Further prediction also says that 6.5 million of these workers will likely leave during the next five years. Thus keeping many providers worried. Furthermore, the rise of wages for some healthcare practices to $25 has added to the stress of many providers today. as managing seamless billing operations can be quite an expensive affair and may not be in favor for many.

Sunknowledge – a powerful RCM destination:

Helping many leading names in the healthcare industry, Sunknowledge Services Inc is known for offering state of art RCM solutions for many at a cost-effective rate of only $7 per hour. Without compromising on the standard quality and billing efficiency, Sunknowledge not only shrinks your accounts receivable bucket but also enhances your first pass collection ratio in no time. Improving the rate of billing and coding accuracy to 99.9%, the team of skilled billers with further continuous assistance drives down the overall operational cost by 80%. Working for a better DME billing transaction process so you can expand your business and solely focus on patient care, Sunknowledge offer dedicated resources ensuring the highest productivity metrics across the industry.

Charging no additional fee for transition, training or even any kind of onboarding cost, Sunknowledge experts offer unmatched productivity guaranteed to be met from day one of the operations itself.

Offering you customized reporting for complete operational transparency, we further provide daily, weekly and monthly reports so you can focus on the area that needs attention and improvement leaving no cash on the table.

As today the staffing issue in the healthcare sector is a new workforce trend and the increasing staff shortages will be a constant fear for many and will not be resolved shortly, Sunknowledge is here to assist you with all your DME billing problems.

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