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Looking for a fun indoor playground for kids? Do you want to know about the membership programs and more? Let’s read over this article!


An indoor playground creates a wonderland for kids. Children can get lost in the adventure of their own, make new friends, and spend a quality time with their parents or siblings. With summer approaching, your kid’s outdoor time is likely to fall. But this should not be a matter of concern with Wonderwild!

This article walks you through the intricacies of going to an indoor playground for kids in Houston. Let’s take a look below!

Become a Member of the Ultimate Fun

Since you would love to take your kids to an indoor playground in Houston, you can try out Wonderwild VIP membership. This indoor playground for kids offers three different packages – 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

If you have a large family, you can really make the best out of the memberships. The membership pass allows parents, four siblings, and caregivers. You can check out the open play hours on the website.

Get the Passes for Open Play

Convenience is king. And yes, you can make the best out of it at Wonderwild, the best indoor playground for kids in Houston. You can choose three passes including ten passes, the gift passes, and family passes.

Family Passes: Do you have a large family? You can apply for family passes that cover immediate family members and four kids. Family passes are for both sides of play at the indoor playground. Now, the pass allows you to go and come in as many times you like when the basic open play hours are open. The best part is the family pass starts on the day of entrance and not on the day of purchase. And no, you do not get a membership with a family pass.

Gift Passes: The name says it all. Gift passes are the perfect thing to offer a kid on their special day. You can pick the amount suitable for your budget, so the flexibility is simply a delight. Unlike other passes, gift passes are transferable. However, it is not refundable whenever you like.

Ten Passes: If you want to get passes for regular open play hours, ten passes are the best option. Wonderwild allows ten passes for a single kid or multiple children at one time. You can gift the ten passes, too. Remember, ten passes do not allow access to private playtime or special events.

Host Your Kid’s Birthday at the Indoor Playground

Wonderwild is on the voyage to offer unlimited fun. The indoor playground has a designated place where you can host the birthday party, too. Wonderwild offers themed birthday parties, so your kid can choose to be a pirate or Luke Skywalker just for a day.

The best part of the birthday party is that your kids can spend the first half of their party at the indoor playground, and then move to the party area. Your little ones can lose themselves in a day full of shenanigans while you can set up the party area with zero hassles.

After all, there is too much work involved in a themed birthday party when you host it by yourself at home. Thankfully, Wonderwild minimizes the woes of foraging for the right decoration items.

So, do you want to have a gala time with your kids? Contact Wonderwild and book today!

Author bio: Francis Vizcarra is an active blogger, and he celebrated his kid’s third birthday at Wonderwild. Here, he discusses everything you must know about going to an indoor playground for kids in Houston.


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