How to Look Your Best with Sexy Long Bridesmaid Dresses


Finding the perfect dress is hard, and you are dressing up as a bridesmaid. Just the moment you got the tag, things turned exciting and difficult at the same time. For such a formal occasion, you need a long formal dress. But floor-length A-line or mermaid dresses are not something everyone is used to wearing every day. There seem to be so many things going on with the long dresses, but can you really let these shortcomings jeopardize your way to look glamorous? Of course, the answer is NO!

So, how are you going to turn heads at your friend’s wedding? You can choose to believe in a few tricks and live a gala time. Otherwise, just imagine the scene – you are fidgeting with the dress and refusing to dance the night away with your crush. Even if your bride is not cool with the whole idea of mix-and-match style, you can style it on your own. Only these tips will give you the confidence to flaunt it!

Read over the best-kept secrets about long bridesmaid dresses and look nothing less than a diva.

Put All Your Focus on Choosing the Neckline

You definitely didn’t see it coming, but necklines are super important for a long bridesmaid dress. When it is a wedding, you should pay attention to sweetheart and V necklines. These two sexy necklines give you ample chance to show off cleavage and add oomph. Also, these styles make your face slender without putting on too much makeup. In case you are worried about your short neck, V-neck can create an illusion of an elongated neck.

Do not leave the off-shoulder dresses out of your wishlist. Pear-shaped ladies can boldly pull off the design and the horizontal line will go perfectly with the bottom half.

Keep Your Shoe Game Strong

Petite bridesmaids mostly worry over long dresses, but they can dazzle in the gown just like anyone. A pair of pumps can simply be an extension of your legs. Remember to match the heels with your dress. If you want a flattering look, this can be a showstopper. And the best ones are the pumps with pointy toes! Of course, you can’t just blindly follow whatever we are saying – check how your foot looks in them. Only then you can draw the line between square toes and round toes.

In case you are blessed with long legs, straps might do the trick. However, everything comes down to one thing – am I comfortable in this pair of heels? If you are, you have hit the jackpot!

In the end, many bridesmaids think twice before shelling out on a long gown for the wedding. Think of it as an investment. Moreover, Chicsew presents a whole new collection of rose gold, gold, purple, and champagne bridesmaid dresses. So, check out now!

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