How to Lock the Best Mortgage Rates in Aurora, IL

How are you going to find the best mortgage rates? Let’s find out here!


In recent times, the market has seen an increase in mortgage rates. But there are still enough chances to lock the historically low rate.

In this article, we mention the main tips to find the best mortgage rates in Aurora, IL.

Giving a Boost to Your Income

Lenders want to see that you have earned stability in your career. This only makes it easier to repay the loans on time. Let’s say, you earn $6,000 a month and you are already spending $2,000 on the mortgage payment. This means your debt-to-income is on the higher side, and you turn into a high-risk borrower. On the other hand, you earn $9,000 every month, and your mortgage payment is $4,000. The DTI ratio goes down unlike the previous scenario.


A high debt-to-income ratio puts you at a risk. You need to keep it down by boosting your income. If your income is higher than debt, there is less to worry about. Your financial situation is a huge indicator of whether you can pay down the debt on time. Also, steady employment keeps the worries at bay. In ideal circumstances, your debt-to-income ratio must be 36% or less.


Picking the Right Loan Program for Your Profile

If you want to afford the home of your dreams, you need to find the perfect program. In the mortgage market, you can find a myriad of products. Starting with the conventional loan: this type of mortgage is not exactly a part of any government-supported program. Conventional loan programs are conforming loans that adhere to the requirements set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. These mortgages work well for borrowers who have great credit scores and want low rates.


Besides the conventional mortgages, USDA loan programs come from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If you are a low-income applicant and want to find a house in rural areas, USDA loans are the best choice. VA loans, on the other hand, provide benefits to veterans, surviving spouses, and active-duty service members. Also, you can apply for jumbo loans that have higher limits than the conforming loan programs. Sometimes the jumbo loans can touch the $1 million mark.


In the end, you may be confused about how to find the best mortgage rates in Aurora, IL. But shopping around can help you find the right fit. Getting the help of professional lenders at Clear Lending can be useful. So, contact Clear Lending today!


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