How To Kill Mosquitoes In 3 Simple Step

As an act of pure retaliation, it always feels great to kill mosquitoes either by swatting or by zapping them with a handheld bug zapper. Not only are these pests capable of ruining a great night outdoors, but they are also responsible for transmitting various diseases that cause the death of over a million people worldwide every year. In this article, we will discuss the 3 simple steps in eliminating mosquitoes.

Step 1: Remove and Reduce Breeding Grounds
The first step is getting rid of the breeding grounds. This plays a big part in home Long Island Tick And Mosquito Control. Mosquitoes breed in water, as little as one rain drop in fact, so ensuring that standing water is eliminated reduces the chances of breeding and multiplying. Start by walking around your yard after a rain and look for anything that is holding water. Dispose of old buckets and containers that are no longer in use. Remove children’s toys and any other containers that will potentially hold water from your yard if possible. Maintain clean gutters and fill in any soil depressions or clear blockages of drains if water is standing.

When standing water can’t be removed such as a swamp, bird bath, or larger body of water, try using dunks which will kill mosquitoes and their larvae before they hatch. Grasses and bushes should be trimmed throughout the summer months. Leaves also should be raked regularly to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from hiding or breeding in the yard.

Step 2: Protect Your Home and Yard
There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep with buzzing mosquitoes in your ear. Be sure to properly install window and door screens to stop mosquitoes from gaining entry into your home. The occasional mosquitoes that manage to enter can be eradicated with a handheld zapper or indoor trap. Sometimes, despite your efforts to remove breeding grounds, mosquitoes still seem to thrive and multiply and in some cases removal of breeding grounds may not be practical. This is true for areas that are very large like farms, fields, lakes, etc. While commercial spraying works, it can also be harmful to the environment and it is very costly.

Products like mosquito traps, mister’s, and barriers are highly recommended. These products come in different brands including the Mosquito Magnet, SkeeterVac, and Mega-Catch among others. They are extremely effective in getting rid of mosquitoes as these products are assured to interrupt the breeding cycle by killing mosquitoes in large quantities before they even have the chance to lay eggs.

Another commercial product is the AllClear Mister. It usually provides up to 6 hours of control in an area of up to 4,000 sq. ft. Mosquito mister formulas come in different concentrations and are proven to be non-toxic to humans and animals but deadly to mosquitoes. They are guaranteed to kill and repel mosquitoes.

Other products include mosquito dunks, mosquito bits and mosquito barrier. While the former is focused on killing adult mosquitoes, the latter concentrates on eliminating mosquito larvae. Mosquito dunks and bits are added to standing water to eliminate breeding in ponds, swamps, while mosquito barrier is applied to your lawn and shrubs to kill and repel mosquitoes for up to 3 weeks.

Step 3: Protect Yourself
The final step in avoiding those itchy mosquito bites is to protect yourself with mosquito repellents. The most effective products are those that contain DEET but this ingredient has been proven to have harmful effects on pets and humans. There are lots of other products that contain organic ingredients that are still very effective. One promising product is the ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance. This neat little gadget can clip on your belt and go with you in the yard or on fishing trips, etc. ThermaCELL uses innovative systems to disburse a small amount of repellent into the surroundings over time.

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