How to Keep Your Tyres Safe in the Summer Months?

Driving in the summer season can be extremely difficult for car drivers. In the summer season, temperature touches higher levels and the road surface becomes super hot. In This condition, it is natural that the rubber material of your car tyres becomes extra soft to affect proper grip and traction.

Buying Cheap Tyres Redditch in the hot season can minimize your problems. Summer tyres are extremely effective in the summer season because of their tread pattern and rubber material.

However, only summer tyres would not save you from the bad effects of the summer months. You need to do a lot of other things to keep your tyres in good condition during hot months.

How Does Heat Kill Your Tyres Gradually?

When two objects are rubbed with each other, they create friction and heat. The same rule is valid for your tyres and the road surface. When your tyres run on the road surface, friction and heat take place to degrade the rubber compound of your tyres.

Moreover, due to increased temperature, the molecules of air move faster to increase the air pressure in your tyres.

Why Is the Summer Season the Blowout Season?

However, tyre burst is possible in any season but the summer months are ideal for this incident. Due to the interplay between friction and heat, tyres can face a blowout at any place. However, other factors are also involved like speed, condition of tyres, and material of the road surface.

How to Maintain Tyres to Avoid the Bad Effects of the Summer Months?

Use appropriate Tyres:

If your place is known for long and hot summer months, you need to install summer tyres in your vehicle. Summer tyres are more likely to perform efficiently in hot months in the comparison with other tyre types. Do not use the wrong types of tyres like winter tyres in hot weather. Winter tyres will wear outs at a faster rate in the summer season.

Do Not Use Old and Damaged Tyres:

Old, damaged and worn out tyres may have several weak holes in their internal structure. These weak areas may fail to hold the air pressure at any time. So, do not take a chance to drive on these worn tyres. Buy a set of new tyres and drive confidently.

Keep Air Pressure at the Correct Level:

Keeping air pressure at a suitable level is essential in the summer months.  Low inflation in tyres may cause blowouts because of increased contact area between the road surface and tyres. Moreover, over-inflation may also cause blowouts if your tyres hit a pothole or hard object on a hot road. Furthermore, increased temperature will increase the air pressure in your tyres. Thus, it is mandatory that you check the air pressure at regular intervals.

Fill Your Tyres With Nitrogen:

Nitrogen will expand at a slower rate in comparison to air. Thus, you need to check the pressure after longer intervals if you fill your tyres with nitrogen. But, it does not mean you forget the golden rule to check the air pressure regularly.

Always Drive With a Spare Tyre:

Your car tyres are more prone to experience blowouts or punctures in the middle of your trip. Therefore, it is a wise decision to travel with a spare tyre to face an emergency situation.

Check the Tyre Valves:

Check the valves for their shape and check their caps as well. Faulty valves usually cause leakage of air. Thus, your awareness will save your tyres from this issue in the summer season.

Inspect Your Tyres Regularly:

Check your tyres for bulges, blisters, and cracks. These signs make it clear that your tyres are not well from the inside. Usually repairing tyres with these signs is not possible. You need to buy a new set of tyres to have a safe journey.

Keep Your Tyres Cool:

Always try to keep your tyres cool since heated tyres may cause blowouts. Stop your car in the middle of a long journey and let your tyres lose some heat. Resume your journey once they have lost extra heat.

Have Contact Numbers of Car Services:

It is possible your tyres are punctured and your spare tyre is useless because of low air pressure. Thus, always travel with some number of car service Redditch. Call them when you need to change your tyre.

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