How to Integrate Instagram Feeds To WordPress Websites

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with approximately 350 million active users globally. The platform allows users to easily share and upload photographic content, videos, gifs, etc. Instagram is a potential online platform for not only users to use it as a means of entertainment or share their experiences but also useful for marketers in different industry domains.

Brand marketers get quality and valuable content that is generated by the users and repurpose these contents for various marketing efforts. Content created by the users for the users is exactly what is called user-generated content. UGC is the authentic content that is trusted by the users rather than branded content. Thus, for marketers, it’s really important to find means to aggregate the UGC and repurpose the content for marketing needs.

In this blog, we will see the different ways in which brands can leverage the power of Instagram content on their websites and blogs.

What is Instagram Feed & Why It’s Important?
Instagram feed is a collection of user-generated content that is aggregated at one platform with the help of keywords, hashtags, mentions, etc. With the help of an Instagram feed widget, it’s easy to filter out the relevant content and make a single feed that can be used for various marketing purposes.

Businesses are transforming their marketing strategies to focus on UGC as it’s the most trusted content and boost user engagement. Embedding Instagram feed on the website is the smartest way to provide authentic visual content and add value to your website.
Apart from this, there are many other ways in which you can repurpose the feed like in marketing campaigns, displaying in events, in-store digital signage, etc.

Ways to Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Websites


Taggbox is the best UGC platform that allows brands to easily collect, curate, and display UGC feeds on all marketing channels. The tool helps brands to build trust, drive more engagement, and boost conversions.
It has a simple user interface making it very efficient to use by users with less to no coding knowledge. The process of collecting Instagram content is quick and easy, with the help of hashtags, keywords, mentions, etc.

Taggbox offers many features to make it easy for brands to use Instagram feeds efficiently for various marketing purposes. The embedding of Instagram feed on the WordPress website is simple with just a few clicks away.
To embed the feeds you need to create the Instagram feed and then copy the embed code and paste it anywhere on your website backend. This will help you to display all your UGC feeds on your website and get real-time updates too.

Here, are some prominent features of Taggbox:
Moderation: This feature helps to filter out the irrelevant content and allows you to get only relevant UGC.
User Rights Management: Using users or customer social media content without getting their consent is illegal. Thus, with this feature, you get the rights to use their content for marketing.
Personalization: You get a designing panel full of creative themes, fonts, colors, and other customization aspects.
Analytics: To get the insights of the social wall performance and to improve its performance on marketing channels.
Apart from this, there are many other features that help brands leverage the benefits of Instagram feeds on the website.

Manual Embedding Or Instagram Official Embedding

This method is effective for brands that don’t have much content to gather from Instagram. If you wish to embed two or three Instagram posts on your website, then you can manually integrate the code for each post on your website.

The process becomes lengthy for the brands that have a huge volume of Instagram UGC. Also, there will be no auto-update of the posts as for every new post to show on your website you need to manually copy and paste the code.

The only advantage of this feature from Instagram is that it offers a secure and legal way to use the users’ content for marketing purposes.

Major Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds On WordPress Website

Less Investment on Content Marketing

The best part of embedding Instagram content on the website is that you don’t need to spend much on content creation as people trust authentic user-generated content rather than branded content. Thus, brands save money and focus on repurposing the content for brand marketing.

Boost User Engagement and Build Trust

Its a fact, that adding visual authentic content boost website engagement and adds informative content. It also adds value to website designs and makes it more presentable. When brands show their customers’ views or social media hashtag campaigns on their website, it builds trust. The website visitors can see the reviews or photographic content shared by your existing consumers after having real-life product experience with your brand.

Brand Awareness

When your customers share their experiences online with your brand’s hashtags or mention, you gain another bunch of potential customers. Your consumers become your brand advocates when they tag your brand on Instagram. Their personal network learns about your brand and your reach gets extended. Thus, extending the target audience on online platforms.

Increase Sales and Conversion

The best part of embedding UGC on the website is to increase revenue and sales. UGC drives the decision-making process and leads to more conversions. Higher user engagement will definitely acquire more potential customers and will lead to higher sales.

Instagram is a prominent platform to gain and engage more customers for any business. Embedding Instagram feed on the website is important for brands in today’s competitive market to gain trust and engage users.
The flow of content for brand marketing can be easily managed by an efficient automatic tool. Thus, it’s important to invest smartly on the UGC platforms to better optimize and manage your social media platforms.

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