How to install bathroom wall panels

Once you have selected the equipment of your choice to insulate the bathroom wall panels, now comes the installation of it. How you know this will depend on the space you have in your bathroom.

Here is a general protocol to follow to install the fan.

1. We recommend installing it on a wall preferably. Although they can also be installed on the ceiling you should be careful that it is away from the bathtub and / or shower as well as heating appliances to have them. This is a very important rule to respect.

2. You must remove any material that is covering the wall where you will do the installation, be it background or tiles. With the help of a spatula or similar tool remove all the paste or grout that is covering the wall. The idea is to leave the wall naked.

3. With a saber saw it makes the holes in the wall where we insert the hose next to the fan. Remember to wear dust protection lenses and mask for this.

4. Before joining the wiring, make sure that all active power circuits are turned off.

5. Make the fan connection taking care that you have an isolation.

6. Connect the power and check the operation of the equipment.

7. Cover the fan with the grille and brown the gaps using drywall and covering these with wall putty. Then pair the surface using sandpaper.

8. Finally paint the wall.

The most important thing is that the fan you are installing meets the necessary technical requirements and specifications. Therefore, it is important that you review very well before making the investment and verify that it complies with the current regulations for this type of equipment.

Do not improvise when doing the installation as it could cause an accident later so we recommend following the instructions given by the manufacturer of the equipment, so that it can give you the function you expect. And above all it gives you the comfort and thermal insulation you want.

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