How to Get More Restaurant Online Food Delivery Sales: 6 Ways and Steps to Consider

Food delivery has become central to restaurant operations today ever since COVID-19 hit the world. The number of people who are ordering food online is flourishing and this has affected the way traditional restaurants perform their service. The online order has become the new trend to acquire more restaurant sales to the next level. The delivery service has experienced steady growth in 2020 due to the emerging of a cashless economy. 

If you’re a restaurant owner, it’s important for your business to avoid poor delivery service because it can seriously damage your brand name. Here are ways you can improve and boost your restaurant online food delivery service and sales: 


1. Have a dedicated area for packing 

person preparing cooked dish

If you’re serious about enhancing your restaurant’s delivery service, having a specific area for packing items is crucial. It’s best that you place this next to the kitchen in the front of house area to make sure that food is packed up and be delivered quickly after it leaves the kitchen. Having a dedicated packing area will help your staff make sure that all ordered are correct and complete. Here are some things you need to consider: 

  • special surface space for packing orders 
  • implement a systematic way of organizing and prioritizing orders 
  • packing area should be connected to the waiting area of delivery drivers
  • delivery packing materials should be within reach 
  • adjust and improve what you learn that works and what doesn’t 


2. Create an outstanding online menu 

It’s essential for restaurants to display a menu that is smart, accurate, easy to read and comprehend, and has all the vital information. Your online menu can be placed anywhere, whether it’s on your restaurant website or different restaurant delivery service providers. Don’t let anything stop you from optimizing your online menu since a lot of restaurant delivery providers come from these online channels. 

Furthermore, having a stellar landing page where people can place their orders online attract customers to click on the ‘order now’ button of your website. 


3. Improve your food photography 

round cake on brown wooden cake stand

Visuals can go a long way. In the food industry, food photography can bring a great amount of publicity to a certain restaurant. So, try to check your food photos, are they enticing to customers? Or do they look unappealing? If you want more customers to buy your food, create engaging visuals of your most in-demand meals or dishes. 


4. Upgrade App Visibility 

Today’s competition in the online ordering space can be tremendously aggressive and simply having your restaurant listed on an app may be inadequate. Although every delivery app is distinctive, there are several standard parameters that can be used to enhance visibility on each one of them. 


5. Utilize Sponsored Listings 

Aside from app visibility, it’s recommended that you try using sponsored listings to start your marketing program, especially if you’re just starting out on an app. If your restaurant needs a remarkable exposure, then these listings if very effective since it’s usually displayed higher than organic listings. This will result in an increased order volume, more good reviews, and even a more maintained organic visibility. After that, it’ll be your responsibility to offer quality food that will encourage people to order from you continuously. 


6. Offer Excellent Service 

man in black jacket and black pants holding green and white book

Providing great service and remarkable customer experience is not only limited to when you are serving customers at your restaurant. It can also be expanded to the delivery orders of your restaurant. Here are some considerations you can do: 

Make sure that the food is delivered warm. If customers receive their food hot, they believe that it’s freshly prepared compared to a not so hot food which gives them the impression that it could be old and dry, leaving a bad impact on the customers. To ensure this, you can keep track of the delivery time and make sure the orders get to the customers on time. Delivery drivers may be equipped with insulated food bags that can keep items warm and cold food fresh during the ride. Items such as ice cream and drinks, you may use dry ice to have them fresh and chilled. 

Take care of the food safely when inside delivery vehicles. Customers don’t like it when their food gets spilt and messed in the containers because a messed up meal will look unappetizing. You may want to carry out different packaging techniques and have spill-free containers in case you have soup or other watery orders for delivery. 

Focus on the customers’ notes and add-ons. Always be prepared when customers ask for any add-ons. If they ask for extra hot sauce or tomato sauce for their pizza, you need to give it to them. You don’t want them to get disappointed because this will affect your reputation. Their experience ordering with your restaurant should be convenient and satisfying. Make sure you give them the proper napkins, condiments, and other necessary tableware together with all of their orders. 

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