How To Get Designer Kitchen Linen Set At An Affordable Price

In our modern kitchens today, a Kitchen Linen Set is an absolute must-have. It is a useful and versatile item that not only serves our functional needs, but also blends with our home decor and presents a picture of harmony.

Kitchen linen sets are a good value for money as they offer both looks and function. What makes them even better is the fact that one does not have to pay designer prices for them, and can buy them online at affordable prices. This is a good thing, as it serves your needs, while being easy on your pocket.

Some popular online kitchen linen set:

A typical kitchen linen set comprises an adult size apron, a tea towel, a pot holder and an oven mitt. The items are made with 100% organic cotton and come in different designs and colors that have a universal appeal.

Adult size apron

Aprons are aesthetically designed to cover the front body and protect the skin and clothes from stains and marks, especially dust, hair and germs that stay within the apron. Made with pure cotton, they are highly absorbent and tuck away loose clothing by getting firmly secured to our bodies.

Tea towel

Tea towels are made of either linen, or cotton, or a combination of both and have an imprinted design along with lace. Traditionally they were used at expensive tea ceremonies, but are now used as liners in a serving basket or a tray and to keep food items such as scones, biscuits and rolls warm.

Pot holder and oven mitt

A pot holder is a square cloth, mostly quilted or padded and made from linen or cotton that insulates our hands against hot kitchen appliances. Oven mitts are made of the same fabric, but shaped into mittens in which hands can easily be put in order to hold a hot pot or pan.

Things to check before buying online:

Highly absorbent

It is recommended to use 100% organic cotton or pure linen as this makes the aprons and tea towels dense, soft and highly absorbent. Stains, marks and spills while cooking and serving are absorbed quickly and easily.

Strong and durable

The kitchen linen set should have a tight weave design and the lace should be put expertly, so that overall stitching is strong enough to withstand tough handling while in use or during machine washing and drying.

Lint-Free and Wrinkle Resistant

As far as possible, the kitchen linen set should be lint free and wrinkle resistant. The apron should be ready to use when required and should not develop wrinkles when hung up. Similarly, the tea towel should not leave traces of lint over your crockery or food items.

Designer patterns and colors

Kitchen linen sets that have a traditional color scheme are quite popular. Users also prefer kitchen linen sets with trendy and modern designs and colors that gel with their crockery and cutlery. Warm bright colors are recommended such as reds, golden, brown and yellow.

Getting designer quality at an affordable price

With the above tips, you can buy high quality kitchen linen sets that are comparable to well-known and designer brands and that too at an affordable price. Your friends and neighbors will really envy you.

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