How to Get Both Supplier Audit and Quality Control at Low Prices

One of the most crucial challenges product manufacturers face is time. A lot of manufacturers sell their products without even considering a Quality Control check because of time constraints. This is when Quality Control inspection companies in China come to play. From supplier audit to end-to-end Quality Control checks, they hold their aces in conducting both the services at cost-effective packages.

Step-by-step Quality Control inspection in China

QC inspection firms in China and Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines are very particular about conducting QC inspection for their overseas clients. Depending on the specific business needs of the manufacturers, they outline a QC inspection roadmap and execute accordingly. Here’s a rundown of the key QC inspection processes:

  • Initial production check: The QC inspection team initiates the monitoring procedure by evaluating the manufacturer’s production activities with their supplier. This is imperative to make sure the suppliers and manufacturers are on the same page.  A preliminary evaluation can also prevent premature slip-ups streamlining the overall monitoring process.
  • During Production inspection: As the name suggests, the inspection takes places during the production before they are ready to be shipped. Also known as in-process inspection, this QC step aids in identifying the defects and prevent rejection rates in the future. This will not only ensure timely delivery but also reduce cost overruns in the long run.
  • Final random inspection: Also known as Finished Quality Control, final random inspection follows right after during-process inspection. This checking process involves superficial investigation of artwork, packaging, and packing. Once approved, the products will be prepped up for shipping.   
  • Loading supervision: With loading supervision, the manufacturers can be assured that their products are packed, loaded, and shipped efficiently and are delivered on time. The QC inspection process includes container confirmations status for container, products, quantity, handling, freight forwarding, seal appendage, and final packing.
  • Other inspection services: These QC inspection services can be conducted for business requirements such as product sampling, laboratory testing, certification, and company registration checking.

Supplier audit services

First assessment audit, full monitoring audit, and social audit are the key supplier audit services the manufacturers might consider to get the best out of their suppliers.

  • In the first assessment audit, the QC team visits the supplier’s site and provides a first-hand report on the quality of work. They also evaluate relevant details of the factory to get a better picture of the supplier. This can prevent the manufacturers from work with poor suppliers.
  • In full monitoring audit, the QC team conducts an end-to-end production monitoring process at the production site. This is imperative to ensure the manufacturers and suppliers are on the same page and streamline the overall productivity.
  • With the social audit, the manufacturers will be assured about the credibility of the supplier. The audit team checks ensure the supplier meets the industrial codes and standards.

Want to conduct both supplier audit and QC inspection at low prices? Get in touch with one of the best QC inspection companies in China.