How to Get a DVLA Number Plate of Your Choice

Having a private number plate is no longer merely a fad among the rich and famous. Despite the recent economic downturn, more and more people are spending money to get a plate that is unique and individualistic.

Contrary to popular belief, many people don’t necessarily buy the plate for themselves or as a vanity project. A lot of people buy personalised licence plates as a gift or even an investment.

The question then arises – how do you go about getting DVLA private number plates of your choice? There are plenty of factors to consider while buying a personalised licence plate. One of the first things you’ll need to decide is what you want on the plate – your name, date of birth, hobbies or even the name of your business. The second factor to keep in mind is how much you are prepared to pay. You will also want to consider the type of registration you want.

Where to Get a Private Number Plate

Private plate numbers are sold by the DVLA or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The DVLA is an agency that is part of the Department of Transport. It regulates vehicle registration, driving licenses, and road taxes amongst other vehicle-related regulations. From 1983 onwards, the DVLA started holding back certain specific combinations of numbers from the normal registrations. This was done because of the high demand for private number plates. In 1989, the DVLA started putting up these numbers for sale. In addition to the DVLA, there are many other services that offer you different private plate numbers.

You can either go to the DVLA website or to the websites of any of these other services. There are millions of personalised number plates in the databases. You just need to enter your name or date of birth or hobby or the business name that you want on the license plate and the website will give you the options in the different styles of licence plates. In addition, auctions are also held to auction off unique licence plate numbers, so that is another place you can check out for the perfect private number plates.

Different Styles of Licence Plate

As per the DVLA, there are four styles of licence plates for you to choose from. The first of these is the current style. This style of license plate has been issued to new vehicles since 2001. It starts with two letters and then two numbers that tell you the age of the vehicle and then end with three letters. The second style is the prefix style.

This style is so named because it starts with a letter that identifies the age of the vehicle. The letter is followed by one, two or three numbers and then three letters. This style of license plate was issued between August 1983 and August 2001. The third style of the license plate is the suffix style, so-called because the letter that identifies the age of the vehicle is at the end of the number. The plate starts with three letters and then has one, two or three numbers followed by the age identifier letter.

This style was issued between February 1963 and July 1983. The fourth style is the dateless style. Such licence plates don’t have an age identifier in the number. The plate can have one, two, three or four numbers followed by three letters or three letters followed by up to four numbers.

Cost of a Private Number Plate

Personalised licence plates can range from £200 to £250,000 and even more. Therefore, it is important that you decide how much you want to spend on your private number plate. Apart from the DVLA, there are many websites that offer you their services in selecting the best private number plate for you.

Some of these websites offer you plates within a fixed price range. They even offer you monthly payment options, so that you can spread out the amount you will spend over 12 to 48 months.

Private number plates state individuality. They are also often bought for investment purposes. Whatever your reasons for getting one, you have plenty of choices both in terms of where you can buy one from and what type of private number plate to buy.

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