How to Find the Right People in Your Life by Atul Holkar?

We all need the right people to build real relationships. After all, we may need them at some point in our lives. On the other hand, having the wrong people can be troublesome.

Though, as Buddha said, “The problem is everyone is trying to find the right person but nobody is trying to be the right person.” So, you also need to be right before encountering the right people. Because it is only our own perspective of people that declare anyone good or bad.

At first, you may admire the people who behave like a puppet, who take your side, no matter what you do. But the reality is, humans are full of weaknesses, desires, and needs. So, a person behaving like a puppet always has his own motives just like you. This is how relationships turn out to be false and full of conflicts afterward.

Thus, instead of looking for the right person, try to find a genuine person.

Here are the 7 traits of genuine people:

1.    Immediately accept mistakes

A genuine person always accepts his/ her mistakes immediately. Most of people don’t even have the capacity to deal with criticism so they run away from these situations. Only strong people who care about others’ feelings can do this.

Though, it is not always necessary to accept the mistakes. Since the world is full of people who are ready to demean or humiliate others. But when they do something wrong, they don’t even accept their fault or maybe they disappear.

So, with those people, it is okay to not accept. After all, everyone has flaws and no one is perfect.

2.    Honest with themselves

Best people are always introspective. They are aware of their flaws, weaknesses, and strengths due to which you can’t have conflicts with them. On the other hand, most of the people have the habit of lying to themselves due to which they create conflicts in their own as well as others’ lives.

3.    Thoughtful

One must be thoughtful and mindful to understand others. As most of the people uselessly gossip and judge others because thinking about others takes effort. And people only want to invest their time in their own motives, needs, and desires. So, thoughtful people don’t gossip like others because they are busy trying to understand and improve themselves.

4.    Empathetic and treat everyone equally

People with empathy can’t harm others because they can feel the pain of others. They don’t follow status, power, and success and every person is the same for them. Moreover, they are also the same with people in their highs and lows.

Now, this thing can be done by fake people as well. But there is always a fine line between fake and real humbleness. Genuine people do it without pretending. While fake people do it with pretending gestures to gain spotlight.

5.    Logical or Rational

People with logical minds are aware of the real situations. They don’t build any unrealistic situations and expectations from others. Some people might seem good and kind. But most of them have dull and illogical minds due to which they can create conflicts quite often, especially, when the relationships are close and mutual like spouses.

6.    Don’t blame

Genuine people prefer to take the responsibility of their own life. They held themselves liable for their situations.

If someone hasn’t provided something, they are okay because genuine people know that it is one’s choice and there is no need to be offended. If a person doesn’t like to give you preference, there can be a reason.

On the other hand, egoistic people have the pride of being a good person. So, if someone denies them something, they consider them bad.

7.    Take their own responsibilities

A single person has limited capacity. So, others shouldn’t expect from a person to take their responsibilities. Though, many times, we feel lost and confused so we may need more time to take our own responsibility. But you can spot the right and wrong person by looking into their mind whether they are aware of their responsibilities or not.

However, in romantic relationships, it is common to see such things. And most of us live in a fairy tale world so we can have such relationships only for a short term. A person can’t be expected to be multitasking until it is necessary to do so. As everyone has his own life to live with joy.


As mentioned above, if you want a genuine right person, you need to be the same. So, have these qualities in yourself and find genuine relationships in your life. Visit Atul Hokar, Success Coach for one to one or through webinars, seminars and workshops to plan and achieve your career dreams.

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