How to Find a Balance between SEO and Web Design?

SEO and web design are the two most important elements of any website. The blend of these two makes a website user-friendly as well as provides it a higher rank. People hire SEO experts and web designers in Delhi and other states for this purpose. Optimizing the website for search engines helps in making it visible to the potential users. On the other hand, an ideal website design assists a user in accessing various pages of the website smoothly.


Missing out or neglecting any of these two aspects in a website can be very harmful to your business. However, finding the right balance between SEO and web design isn’t that much easy. Especially when, there are two different teams which work on the SEO part and designing part of your website.

Each team tries to explain the importance of their part and often unable to understand the value of the other part. Considering this, creating the right balance between these two areas have become a nightmare for many business owners.


If you are also in this dilemma then, we got the right solution for you. Let’s have a look at a few important website areas and see the ways through which you can find some common ground between these two aspects:


  1. Website Navigation:


Navigation of your website is very crucial as it aids a user in moving through various categories and sub-categories of your website. Now, we should look at the outlooks of the SEO team and web designing team on this area of a website:

  • Web Developers’ Outlook: Web designers are inclined towards the site’s overall look and user experience. They usually try to keep simple and easily understandable elements on a website. They would try to reduce the number of tabs or categories in the menu to eliminate the confusion of the user since the number of clients using mobiles is increasing as compared to desktops.


  • SEO Experts’ Outlook: SEO experts will focus more on optimizing the menu and website navigation for search engines. They will try to enrich the menu with lots of target keywords to enhance its ranking. In addition, they would focus on making extensive menus with numerous categories and sub-categories so that the website can have a high number of pages and keywords.



  • Right Balance between the Two: Both the teams have the same objective which is to have a website that has good visibility and is easy to navigate. To make your site’s navigation up to the mark, both teams have to focus on both the issues.


You should first create a user-friendly navigation system and then, optimize it without hindering user experience. Web designers should eliminate the elements which will hinder SEO and SEO team should find the alternative for pages/keywords that can invoke confusion in users.


  1. Website Content:

Content is everything that your site contains ranging from text to visuals and animations. Now, let’s see what the outlook of both teams on content is:

  • Web Developers’ Outlook: Web designers often target the visual appeal, functionality and simplicity of the content. They won’t think twice before adding the written content in JavaScript as it makes the website fast and appealing. They would like to add content that is interesting and useful from the perspective of users, not Google bots.


  • SEO Experts’ Outlook: SEO experts will focus on the indexability of the website content. They know that every part of the content should be readable and crawlable by Google Bots to attain a high rank. So, they would like to add HTML scripts through which bots can easily crawl. Apart from it, adding necessary keywords in the contents would also be their priority.



  • Right Balance between the Two: Development and SEO team should work side by side to add SEO optimized content in areas of the website that do not affect the overall design. For instance, the text overlay of jpg images should be substituted with HTML text code so that bots can understand it.


Both teams should ensure that search engines tactics don’t hinder UI/UX and vice versa. Both the teams should know that JavaScript makes bot crawling difficult so, its usage should be limited. In places where JavaScript is necessary, you should check its visibility on Google and troubleshoot it if facing any issues.


  1. Website Images:

Images are very important as they make the user interaction with your website more interesting and simple. Have a look at two outlooks on images:

  • Web Developers’ Outlook: Designers would want to add high-quality images to enhance the aesthetic value of the website. When it comes to web design, they will never agree on compromising the image quality and quantity.


  • SEO Experts’ Outlook: SEO experts would only agree on adding compressed and small sized images that can easily load when someone opens the website. High-quality images have a high size that will slow down the loading speed of the website. Slow websites would be pushed downwards in the ranking by search engines.


  • Right Balance between the Two: There are many image compression tools that decrease the size of images without diminishing its quality. With the help of these, desirable image quality and image size can be obtained.

Maintaining Equilibrium between SEO and Web Design: 

For creating a well-designed and SEO friendly website, you have to develop coordination between both the teams from the very beginning. All the processes should go hand-in-hand so that every gap can be bridged as it appears.  The major changes won’t be so annoying for both the teams if they will sit together and discuss everything from the starting. You need to make both the teams understand this fact that SEO friendly websites can also be beautiful and vice versa.

Some extra efforts, mutual understanding, and teamwork can lead to the creation of a perfect website. There are many web designers in Delhi that also understand basic SEO. Hiring them would be beneficial as such people can easily comprehend the SEO issues.