How to Eliminate Errors in Hospital Accounts Receivable

The biggest challenge for any hospital at present is to manage rising inpatient admissions every day and making sure that they are getting paid for their services on time. Inaccurate registration information, issues with verification and denials, demonstrating the necessity of the medical intervention to the payers are so critical in receiving payments from the federal and commercial insurance plans.

It is extremely difficult for any provider to find an answer for their payments unless they have a team that knows about the adjudication mandates and priorities which changes overtime frequently. That makes the job all the more complicated.

The measures that you take for reducing your pending backlogs and rising hospital accounts receivable determines who you will be placed as a healthcare provider in the longer run. You must have a genuine roadmap in place that can elevate your practice management priorities over time in the best possible manner.

Sunknowledge knows what to deliver

Unique recognition in the industry and a niche presence among both payers and providers, Sunknowledge is a champion healthcare services company. Our team understands what it takes to get back your payments with a robust process of follow-ups and working out a way to prevent your front office denials as well.

Our excellent understanding of payer requirements, processing of uniform billing form UB-04, filing your appeals, and underpayments will reduce your overall operational expenses and reduce your bucket of aging accounts receivable simultaneously.

What makes us unique will always be our excellent references from top-notch hospitals, the ability to work on aging accounts receivable which may be as old as three years. Also, our team will be offering customized reporting standards, the great possibility of driving your ROI by reducing your pending backlogs immediately with our expert intervention.

Get in touch with our team, give us an opportunity to share our ideas. Our team will make sure that you speak to our references, know about our approach before you start working with us. Know more about our hospital accounts receivable services for just 1% of collections.

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