How To Draw A Boys’ Hair

How To Draw A Boys’ Hair. When drawing human subjects, the challenges are many. This is why artists fear almost all drawings involving the human body, and hair is no exception! Drawing hair can be so frustrating that many wonder how they can learn to draw from a child. It may seem impossible, but like any drawing, it can be done much easier when you know what to do and have a few steps to follow.

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a boy’s hair will show you that it can be easier than you thought! You can draw many more characters like how to draw batman, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

The first step in our guide to drawing a boy’s hair will start with the top part of the hairstyle. To do this, we will start by drawing jagged strokes to form the curved top of the hairstyle. To make it easier, you can use a pencil to draw a simple curved line and then draw the jagged lines along it with your pen. Once it looks like the reference image, you’re ready for the next step in our guide!

Step 2:

In this step, you will add to the top of the hairstyle you drew for your child’s hair design to create the sides. Each side of the hairstyle will be slightly curved down from the top of the hair. Both sides of the hair will not look the same, as the left side has a rounded slope, while the right side slopes straight down from the top. If that sounds complicated, the reference image will show you what it should look like.

Step 3:

In this step of our guide to drawing a boy’s hair, we will draw the hairstyle’s bangs. These bangs will go around the middle of the hairstyle. You can draw it in a series of small, curved lines to create the bangs, but make sure to leave some space between the end of the bangs and the sides of the hairstyle. We will plug this gap in the following step.

Step 4:

When drawing hair that looks convincing, there are a few key attributes that help achieve the right look. These include the shape of the hair, the way you use the colors, and how you draw the lines in the hairstyle. We will focus on the last element of this part of your child’s hair design. For this step, you will draw slightly curved lines inside the hairstyle. At this stage, the close reference to the image will greatly help! Some lines will come out of the bangs, while others will come down from the top of the hairstyle. The reference image will guide you to place these lines to create the flow of the hairstyle. Finally, draw two jagged lines that bake towards the inner edges of the sides of the hair.

Step 5:

In this fifth step, we will count more to the flanks of the hairdo. First, draw straighter lines along the side parts of the hairstyle. Then you can draw rounded ear shapes under the sides. It’s that simple, and now it’s on to the next step!

Step 6:

Before we get to the last coloring step of this guide on how to draw a boy’s hair, we have a few final touches to add. The main thing is to use a rounded, curved line for the jawline of the face and the chin under the hairstyle. Before proceeding, add any additional details you wish to your drawing! If you’re feeling more creative, you can draw a face to match the hairstyle or create a beautiful background for your drawing. We need to find out what you do!

Step 7:

We mentioned earlier that coloring is one of the ways to create more realistic-looking hair, and that’s why we’re going to implement it in this part of drawing your little one’s hair! We used blacks and grays for our sample image, but you should use whatever colors you like! Although you can modify the colors as you see fit, the reference image will guide you on how to use the colors to create highlights.

You can see how we blended shades of black with gray lines to create this highlighting effect. You can use this technique for your drawing, no matter your colors. Try incorporating different shades from your color palette. The reference image will guide you to where to place the darkest and lightest tones. What colors will you choose for your image?

Finished Drawing!