How to Choose the Best Apron for You

We see aprons in all sorts of places from restaurants and food service establishments to our home kitchen. Having the right apron for the job you are trying to complete can make a huge difference in how you work or how your employees work in a restaurant setting.

There are many different styles of aprons available on the market and that can leave you with questions about which one works the best for what you are doing. Maybe it is a simple white apron or a Black Half Apron. Whatever you need, we’ll help to set you on the right track to find the best apron for you with these tips.

Before you can buy a black half apron or server apron or anything else, you need to know the reasons why you should even use aprons in the first place.

Professional Look – If you are working in a restaurant setting, an apron becomes part of your uniform. Servers have aprons that can hold items like napkins, utensils or an order pad for writing down customer’s requests. Even for workers who don’t have anything to do with the food itself, wearing an apron gives off a professional feel so that you are more uniform and can keep things organized. You may choose to equip your staff with aprons of different colors that show roles — a different color for cooks and meal preparation, another for servers, another for cleaning staff and so on.

Keep Things Sanitary – When you are preparing food, whether in a restaurant for other people or at home for your family, having an apron can be the perfect barrier between the food and your clothes. Cooking can get messy sometimes, so you want that protection from spilling or splashing that can lead to big messes and stains and potentially ruin clothes. At home, it is mainly for protection. In a restaurant, it not only serves as a protective layer, but also promotes a clean environment in the kitchen.

Aprons That Fit Well – Many aprons come one size fits all, meaning that it is easy to have aprons at the ready for new members of your staff or to get one for home without worrying about size. Aprons typically include long strings that allow you to adjust for size and create the perfect fit. Even if aprons come in a specific size, there are ranges of sizes that can make it easy to get the right size for you or your staff.

So how do you choose the perfect apron for each role? It depends on the role and the use. There are a variety of aprons for different uses that come with different sizes and features.

For example, server aprons tie around the waist and only cover a skirt or the top of the pants. These are typically something like a black half apron or waist apron that doesn’t provide a lot of coverage, but has pockets that can be helpful for servers. A bib apron is a more traditional apron that covers from the chest to the top of the legs and provides more coverage overall. These are the more common options for workers in the kitchen and cleaning staff.

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