How to Choose Between the Different Types of Tyres 

A Guide to Choosing the Right Tyre Type
Indeed, not everyone knows about different types of tyres. However, knowing about all types of tyres will help you to choose the best one out of them. As a result, you will get a suitable set of tyres for your car. There are mainly three types of tyres there; summer, all season and winter. Summer and All Season Tyres Stoke On Trent is one of the most popular tyre types in the UK. However, many people use winter tyres for the winter months in the country. A car comes with a summer tyre (high performance or ultra-high performance summer tyre) but all-season (high performance all season) tyres also come with the automobile.
Types of Tyres 
Apart from summer, winter and all seasons there are some other types of tyres available. 4×4, 4WD, all-terrain, touring, fuel-efficient and run-flat high-performance tyre. And there are more criteria there for every tyre type. Like; you can get different types of 4×4 tyres. A 4×4 tyre is a tyre for SUVs, and you can get high-performance, all-terrain, winter 4×4 tyres.
Summer Tyre 
These tyres are perfect for locations without cold weather or during the warmer months when temperatures can occasionally reach up to 25-35°C or even for lengthy periods. Summer tyres are specially made to function at their best in temperatures over 7°C. They have a narrower tread pattern and a firm, grippy tread composition that delivers good traction in both dry and wet conditions. They ensure that you are as steady as possible when slowing or turning turns and optimise precision control.
Winter Tyre 
The converse is true for winter tyres, which are made expressly for driving safely in low-temperature environments like ice and snow. These tyres get a unique tread pattern with deeper, more pronounced notches than summer tyres to increase grip on extreme slippery roads such as snowy or icy roads. Additionally, they are composed of a more flexible substance, which keeps them flexible enough to grip the pavement even in subfreezing conditions.
All-Season Tyre 
A combination of both winter and summer tyres is an all-season tyre. They provide both tyre benefits, but they cannot perform as well as a summer tyre can in the summer or as well as winter tyres can in the winter. Drive on days when it is raining, snowing, or extremely hot. One of the best solutions for those who are sick of having to purchase multiple-season tyres is all-season. People who live in climates with pleasant summers, mild winters, or intermittent snowfall are ideal candidates for all-season tyres.
Now, the question is which tyre to choose. Let’s take a tyre model of every tyre type and compare them (performance and durability). In the UK, Michelin, Continental, and Goodyear are the most popular tyre brands. Let’s take the most popular tyre brand “Michelin”. The below-mentioned tyre is not top tyres but they offer great performance in their respective season and time.
Michelin primacy 4 (high-performance summer tyre) : dry traction 87%, wet traction 83%, tread wear 84%, handling 80% and comfort 87%.
Alpin 6 (winter tyre) : dry traction 90%, wet traction 94%, tread wear 85%, handling 84% and comfort 92%, snow grip 90% and ice grip 84%.
Michelin CrossClimate + (all season tyre) : dry traction 89%, wet traction 85%, tread wear 84%, handling 81% and comfort 90%, snow grip 75% and ice grip 62%.
As you see, summer tyres are only for the summer months and rainy days. On the other hand, winter tyres perform amazingly in the winter months. All-season tyres can perform well enough in every season. But the performance on the icy road is low.
This is the performance of these Tyres Stoke On Trent in their respective season. Now it’s time to use summer tyres in winter and winter tyres on summer roads.
Dry performance: Michelin primacy 4 is better than both Alpin 6 or cross climate +.
Wet performance in summer road: Michelin primacy 4 is better than both Alpin 6 or cross climate +.
Wet performance in winter road: Alpin 6 and cross climate + ahead of primacy
4.Snow Performance: Alpin 6 is better than the other both.

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