How to Accelerate your DME Prior Authorization Process

One of the serious question on every DME providers mind! Do I know my competition well after this pandemic? It has changed so much over the last one year, and you still find a lot of providers still relying on old sales processes in a new environment.

Under the Reports section of CBIC website, the new data shows that DMEOS suppliers submitted 45815 bids and 37894 were for the 13 major categories that CMS decided not to award Round 2021 contracts according to the AAHomecare reports.

A total of 42 percent almost 15,695 bids would have been disqualified, besides losing on bid price and financial issues. Also, a lot of them were not licensed and has invalid bid bond. It is clear, that reducing your overall operational costs, finding an answer to your pending collections, resolving time and money spent at the front desk heavy lifting work is all that you need at present.

How Sunknowledge advances your practice management

More than a 100 clients served in the DMEPOS space, we take pride in the fact that the top 3 of the ten are our esteemed clients. We work with all kinds of providers and suppliers and have the versatility across any practice management systems.

We work on DME prior authorization, eligibility checks, order intake and also extend all the support with submitting the claims, managing your denials and collecting your aging accounts receivable. Our client’s references are excellent and we take pride in the fact that we deliver where others don’t with our niche capabilities in the DME revenue cycle management space.

Speak to a Sunknowledge expert and get to know how we drive ROI for the best. Our 360-degree approach will define your competitive presence. We promise to reduce your overall operational costs by 70%.

Our dedicated model of engagement, references can be shared with you over a no commitment call. Hire us for an edge over your competitors with us taking care of your billing while you focus on your patients.

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