Proposing to some is the time when you feel extremely nervous. It is because there is so much running in your head. You have a fear that What if your boyfriend or girlfriend says no? Another confusion that a person has is whether your partner will like the ring or not. So, if you are selecting a ring for your boyfriend it is important that you have some know-how about Gents’ diamond ring. Here on this page, every important detail related to rings is going to be discussed.

Rings types

At the time of shopping, it is important to have clarity about the ring type you need. The options for you are:


It the ring for gents that has curves. It looks a bit different from others and more masculine. You can say that the design is simple but a bit trendy.


It is the most commonly used men’s wedding ringIt is smooth and liked by many. As there are men who don’t like fancy rings.


Now a day diamond wedding rings are famous both in men and women. They look unique and classy at the same time. diamond rings for gents come in many different designs. As you are looking at it for your partner, you have a better idea of there choice. So, select according to that.

Metals type

The choice of metal is extremely important when you look for men’s diamond wedding rings. As there are some metals that make the diamond look flashier than others. The metal types are as following:


It is the most demanding metal now a day. The color of this meat is white and it has many other benefits. Like it stays in good shape for a long time, you don’t get any type of allergic reaction wearing it and suits the most with diamond. The only problem people face is when they hear the price. As it quite expensive if you want to buy a 100% pure platinum ring.


It is a family of platinum. They look very similar and good for those who don’t have a high budget. The only difference is that platinum is hard and palladium is a bit soft. But soft didn’t mean that it will break or need maintenance after some time. It holds its shape for a year.

White gold

The people who can’t afford a platinum diamond ring mostly choose white gold. It goes well with the diamond too but the only issue is that after a few years its color starts to fade.

Yellow gold

It is the metal that everyone knows about. It is the metal used in making most jewelry. The ring made from this metal is not pure. As the gold is soft and without mixing it with other metals it will lose its shape. You can get an idea of gold purity in karats.

There are many metals too, but these are the most famous that go well with a diamond in making a wedding ring for gents. So, it is up to you what metal you choose.

Width of the ring

It is the nest important part at the time of selecting a ring. Some men like to wear a ring that is normal in width. The normal width for men rings is 4mm and the ring with the most width is between 8mm to 9mm.


There are some metals that are flexible to resize, but there are some who are not. Also, some men like to wear a ring that fits perfectly and some a bit lose. But it is better if you go with a proper fit size. As people wear wedding rings for a lifetime. A bit lose ring can fall from your finger without you getting noticed.